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Messenger RNA may not be as famous as its cousin, DNA, but it’s having a moment in the spotlight. This crucial intermediary in the protein-making process is now being harnessed by scientists to to try to protect us from disease — including Covid-19.

Companies like Moderna and Pfizer are working on mRNA vaccines that allow people to build immunity to viruses like SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes Covid-19. These vaccines contain specifically designed mRNA that instructs cells how to make viral proteins. Find out how mRNA vaccines can trigger immune cells, in this video.

  • What happens to the host cells that take up the injected mrna and have their protein manufacturing machinery taken over to make spike proteins/viral proteins. Does the host cell then die because it is no longer manufacturing the proteins it needs for its own survival? Or does the host cell make a quantity of viral proteins, and then gets back to its own business, and the viral mrna disintegrates after it is read and used?

  • Nice. As I understand from the video, the mRNA prompts cells to manufacture and release a COVID-shaped protein in sufficient quantities to provoke an immune response. That immune response preps the body to quickly recognize and attack any COVID-shaped protein encountered in the body.

  • I would like to know what are the off-target effects of these vaccines…
    The liposome can fuse with any cell on host… thus can lead to non desired Antigen expression, and maybe open the door to autoimmune effects….

    What happens is the mRNA-liposome is fused with a cell from CNS, Brain, Liver, etc….????


  • the body is remarkably resistant to change. even if you succeed in altering it, it reverts back by destroying these changes. e.g. organ rejection, gene therapy, antitumor t-cells.

    • Hi barb! mRNA vaccines inject mRNA that then facilitates the production of viral proteins. To develop COVID, someone needs to be infected by the virus. An mRNA vaccine would only generate “part” of the virus (a protein) that the immune system can learn to recognize. There is no way to get COVID from an mRNA vaccine. A more likely downside of a mRNA vaccine might be un-intended consequnces of releasing viral proteins within certain human cells, causing damage.

  • Sounds cool but whats not being said is these would be paired with other technologies to track and monitor who has the vaccine and who does not. Also this has been tested before on animals which all got much sicker and actually had their immune systems destroyed. Please find doctors willing to be honest about this stuff before taking it. Look up Dr. Carrie madej. She knows what’s really happening here..

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