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WASHINGTON — From a policy perspective, Joe Biden should be biotech’s worst nightmare. He’s promised to increase the corporate tax rate, dramatically rein in money in politics, and allow Medicare to negotiate over the price of drugs.

But that isn’t stopping major biotech CEOs and investors from personally backing Biden this election cycle.

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  • Increasing corporate tax when some business are suffering form the effect of pandemic. Is Biden actually out of touch with reality ?

    He was riding the pandemic in his house, understandable because of his age. But it shows he is not the right president when we are having a pandemic. Would he remain in-house once he is elected ?

    I prefer a president that takes the risk that other people are taking to go to work. I do not need a presidents that is afraid to go out and consider his own safety first people he consider the safety of other people.

    When I saw Biden wearing N95 with a vent, I know I will never vote for him. People who wear N95 with vent are selfish. They protect themselves but not other people.

    I don’t think Biden is the right President when we are having pandemic. I would not like to see the do nothing Kamila Harris as President in case Biden could not Biden his terms.

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