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Almost five years after debuting his first biotech company, noted writer and oncologist Siddhartha Mukherjee has officially unveiled his second: Myeloid Therapeutics. The new company, based in Cambridge, Mass., launched Wednesday with a $50 million Series A.

Myeloid is putting a twist on cell cancer therapies like CAR-T that are already successful in blood cancers and using a similar idea to take on conditions like glioblastoma, which form solid tumors. It will use so-called myeloid cells, the collective term for some kinds of blood and immune cells, to trigger the rest of a person’s immune system.


“We and others have found that cancer cells form a kind of shell,” Mukherjee said in an interview. “You can’t penetrate the shell. So we began to wonder, ‘Well, what cells penetrate the shells normally?’”

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