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A lot more Covid-19 patients in the U.S. are being treated with Gilead Sciences’ remdesivir because of the accelerating case counts. But even with sales of the medicine surging, investors are not impressed.

Shares of Gilead, which markets remdesivir as Veklury, closed down Monday by just under 1% to $62.51 despite the biotech announcing updated and sharply higher product sales guidance for 2020, which included anticipated Veklury sales of $2.8 billion.


Half of hospitalized Covid-19 patients are now receiving treatment with Veklury as hospitalizations have quadrupled since October, said Gilead CEO Daniel O’Day, speaking Monday at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference.

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  • I don’t get it. Why won’t GILD considers cutting the Veklury priced by day 1/3. If the treatment volume doubled subsequently, then it Ed ould still be, big win for 203#, right?

    What happened to the abandoned yoralties to the Indian and Bangladesh companies? Heck even at only say $20 per dose, it adds, up right?

    Woykd the company disclose Veklury revenue figures from Eropean, Japanese and other Asian countries at the next quarterly analysts call? We all know the recess nt repeat outbreaks in Japan is quite significant, right?

    Does GILD even have a global Veklury strategy similar to what they had with HIV and HCV drugs? Zi highly doubt that. O’Day at the helm does not possess requisite leadership nor expertise. His unilateral focus on oncogy has brought nothing positive for this compsny since he took over IMO. With him steering the shop. All we see is repeated foam abyss of 52 week SP lows. It is sad to see even a seasoned and well-respected analyst such as Adam won’t come down hard on Dan, yet. Time is ticking though.

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