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Editor’s note: A previous version of this story stated incorrectly that Deborah Celeste Kelly, the wife of CytoDyn chairman Scott Kelly, had sold $2.6 million in company stock. Deborah Kelly filed an intention to sell company stock with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The wife of CytoDyn’s chairman disclosed an intent to sell company stock worth $2.6 million as CytoDyn prepares to disclose results of a long-delayed clinical trial involving a treatment for patients with severe Covid-19. 


Deborah Celeste Kelly, the wife of CytoDyn Chairman and Chief Medical Officer Scott Kelly, filed her intent to sell the company stock on Feb. 1, according to a notification of sale filed by paper to the Securities and Exchange Commission. On that same day, CytoDyn’s stock price reached its highest level in eight months.

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    • If you don’t get emotional over excess COVID deaths then I don’t know what to say. Adam has continually lied about the results of the Phase II study which did show in a statistically significant way that drug patients were twice as likely as placebo to benefit from treatment (pvalue 0.0223).

      Adam is a coward who has removed the ability for people to respond to his tweets. And he is likely being paid as a shill for Big Pharma and perhaps also some of these lying short sellers. There is blood on his hands for his actions and he should answer for his lies.

  • How does it feel not to have any influence or credibility, Adam? People are starting to realize that you’re in Big Pharma’s back pocket and that your “opinions” are paid for.

    Why must you lie about CytoDyn? You know full well that their moderate study produced a statistically significant endpoint and yet you lie and say that it didn’t. There is a special place in hell for people like you–people who publish lies and misleading information about companies working toward a COVID therapeutic. Your lies are costing lives.

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