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Why can’t kids get Covid-19 vaccines? Is there hope for biotech penny stocks? And when are feces medicine?

We discuss all that and more this week on “The Readout LOUD,” STAT’s biotech podcast. First, pediatric cancer advocate Nancy Goodman joins us to discuss why she believes Covid-19 vaccine trials need to be sped up for teens and children. Then, Wall Street Journal reporter Greg Zuckerman calls in to explain the unlikely story behind Novavax, a former biotech penny stock now on the verge of making history. Finally, we embark on a lightning round, featuring quick takes on the confirmation process for a new health secretary and the future of therapeutic stool.

For more on what we cover, here’s the Novavax story;  here’s more on HHS secretary confirmation; here’s the news on fecal transplantation; here’s where you can subscribe to the First Opinion Podcast; and here’s our complete coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.


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  • The problem with journalists is that they don’t understand all details or don’t research all aspects. They only look at the immediate flutter that their stories can create…

    – Greg does not mention NanoFlu, the seasonal flu vaccine that Novavax has already developed even before the COVID vaccine and that is in approval, ;
    – The efficacy of the Novavax vaccine is better than Pfizer and Moderna which have been tested only against the base Wuhan variant
    – The efficacy of the Novavax vaccine is actually tested on the ground against the UK variant and the SA variant and its effective… which Moderna and Pfizer have not done and cannot guarantee

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