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WASHINGTON — There’s an epidemic sweeping the country, causing thousands of needless deaths each month and billions in economic damage. The government response is haphazard. Many Americans remain resistant to the prevention and treatment strategies shown to work best.

It’s not Covid-19.

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  • The drug pandemic took my son’s life in November, 2020. I know first hand how imperative it is to direct funding towards overdose prevention. I am willing to write a letter to that effect if it will help. Please advise as to who I could direct such a letter to.

  • Hold the X waiver restrictions. The streets (of Boston) are awash w suboxone so much so the users r unhappy that the price of a strip is so low. Sounds like the medical establishment is doing just what they did w oxycontin. How many medications does it take to get well? Welcome now to the methamphetamine mess .

  • Classy photo choice. For story about opioids. Opioids.

    Also: yay, points for pushing other addictive drugs as treatment for opioids. Important to replace one business model with another…we can’t just kill this market! Too big and too much money to be made. Let’s hope people don’t get educated about psychedelics as a one-and-done cure for addiction, that could end this gravy train.

    • My 47 year old daughter died of an accidental overdose of opioids in January. They were prescribed by a pain doctor without adequate supervision or direction. They are dangerous and addicting. She was released from the hospital without being properly treated for her pancreatitis. We lived in different states and Covid made it necessary to postpone my trip from NYC to Miami. Not only doctors but the family that owns Perdue must be held accountable before more lives are lost. Nothing will bring my beautiful and talented daughter back but the owners of this company deserve to be punished. The headcount is rising!

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