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Covid-19 vaccinations in the United States are starting to accelerate after a slow rollout. The U.S. is now vaccinating approximately 2 million people per day. President Biden has promised the country will have enough supply to vaccinate all Americans by the end of May.

Deploying vaccinations on this scale is a massive logistical undertaking. Physically moving the vials from their manufacturing sites to the people that need them takes both cutting-edge technology and precise planning. Watch the video above to see what it takes to deliver these critical shipments, by tracing a dose from its factory in Kalamazoo, Mich., to an arm in Boston.

  • And this is just a relay about a short haul. Meanwhile different components arrive at vaccine making plants (like in Europe), finished product goes to distribution centers (i.e. Brussels) then via FedEx to its Hub in Kentucky, and from there to all-over the US and Canada. Monstrously intricate tasks aided by data and progress technologies for impeccable timing. Good thing we are well into the 21st cantury !

  • A side-note …. Fenway Park at a totally different time …. I landed in Boston the night the Red Sox won the 2004 Championship – unique atmosphere on the plane with many rather inebriated flyers. A helpful State Police cruiser guided me + rental car to my hotel – that happened to be at the other side of / past Fenway Park. I went to Fenway park the next day, spectacular celebrations, bought the last pair of Red Sox (ankle high, haha) at the Team Store, and one of each of the Newspapers from stacks towering all over the Cambridge campus. In the Boston Public Garden young people hanging out of windows of over-loaded buses were yelling: “hey Yankees, who’s your Daddy NOW?” Big Papi – 34 David Ortiz. I saw him play at Fenway Park in 2007 (against the Detroit Tigers) – got 4 of the last 8 tickets, in the nosebleed section, with my over-joyed university-student “kids”. Oh – those days ……. and they will return.

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