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Drugs that harness the body’s immune system to find and kill cancer cells have improved the lives of patients with cancer and generated billions of dollars in sales for the companies that develop them. But a majority of cancer patients still don’t benefit from immunotherapies, so the work to discover and develop even more effective therapies continues.

Adam Feuerstein, STAT’s senior writer and national biotech columnist, examines some of the most promising areas of cancer immunotherapy research. He’ll explain how a better understanding of tumor biology is helping researchers exploit new immune-based targets, and he’ll explore the different technologies — from CAR-Ts and antibodies to viruses and mRNA — that are being deployed against them.



  • Karen K. Ersland, Ph.D., scientific liaison, research solutions-US region, BD Biosciences (sponsor introduction)
  • Adam Feuerstein, senior writer, biotech, STAT

Download a PDF of the slides presented during this webinar here.

Download a handout provided by the webinar sponsor, BD Biosciences, here.


A version of this recording with closed captioning can be found on our YouTube page here.