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A small biotech firm, Humanigen, said Monday that its experimental drug reduced the risk of patients hospitalized with Covid-19 being put on ventilators.

Shares in the company rose 86% on the news, and Humanigen said it would ask the Food and Drug Administration to grant an emergency use authorization based on the results.

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  • Hold on a moment. One internal trial of 517 patients leads to positive press and an EUA.

    Meanwhile the safe, unpatented drug Ivermectin now has 48 independent studies reporting positive results against all stages of covid19 (including as a prophylactic), 25 of which were RCT’s. It’s been adopted in much of the World outside the US sphere of influence, strongly correlating with some astonishing reductions in excess mortalities. Yet the FDA has, without reviewing any data, recommended against its use.

    Make no mistake – our institutions aren’t interested in solutions. There is far too much money to be made, whatever the human cost.

    Top-of-the-morning to you to.

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