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Opioid companies are being forced to pay for their grave mistakes and misdeeds in helping fuel the overdose epidemic in the United States. The total in settlements — including Purdue Pharma’s $8.3 billion agreement in a federal case and a consulting company paying more than a half-billion dollars for its role — now stands at approximately $10 billion, with many cases and billions more dollars still pending.

It’s imperative that these funds are allocated wisely — and as soon as possible — to ensure better access to addiction treatment and recovery support.

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  • why is it most monies go to the medical people and fields just baffles me ,everyone with cushy jobs in that field always make the right dicissions nobought , to fill there pockets more than needed , they have enty now.
    Let the people who survived get a little room to breath and allocate some funds to them, they need it aswell.

  • What is overwhelming is reading this article and realizing that no one is addressing those who are disabled with chronic pain diseases and those who got left behind when this problem was brought out and demanded from the medical community. Chronic pain patients suffered and still do today! Every chronic pain patient was stripped of there opioids that treated them for pain for the exaggerated response for those who abused the system to get high. What about those who committed suicide due to untreated pain? What about doctors who ran pain clinics that ended up quitting there practice due to the threats from government regulators. What about those who still suffer today for untreated debilitating chronic pain? Or what about the government who demanded that every patient fit their allowable milligram recommendation no matter what disease, years of treatment, or success of therapy their physician prescribed? Physicians who spent decades learning how to treat chronic pain diseases suddenly being stripped of their practice! What about all that? In my opinion the government needs to get out of the medical business and govern the political agenda. No ones medical needs can be addressed from money grabbing government politicians and when the government tries to address it, balance is never a approachable way to deal with a problem, to them, it’s always a pendulum swing and always in the wrong direction!

  • It needs to be given to the victims, not the politicians and lawyers, or makes me sick the way they treat the victims of their greed, but you can be sure that the lawyers will get their cut 1st, pathetic

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