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WASHINGTON — Pharmaceutical companies have a frank new message for Washington: Don’t take us for granted.

The industry’s lobbying group, PhRMA, launched a new, seven-figure ad campaign Tuesday with that sentiment prominently laid out across the top, just above a clear reminder of the industry’s role in developing medicines and vaccines for Covid-19.

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  • I think COVID has changed the playing field… the most important thing is that the public is vaccinated- and demonizing the industry at this point wont help…

    If Bernie et al want to get on their soapbox and scream how Pharma are just a bunch of crooks who only care about money and don’t care about patients…. the end result is going to be less people vaccinated

  • I think PHARMA would love nothing better than to get rid of the middleman, The PBM’s … these are the greedy B_ _ _ ards that increase the price of drugs in sooo many ways.
    If there were no “drug rebates” , I kind way of what’s really extortion to get a drug on formulary, then mfg’s wouldn’t have to increase drug price’s to compensate for this forced “vig” … I can go in and on how PCMA and their
    Propaganda continues to fleece our country out of billions of dollars every year. It’s disgusting!!!!!!

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