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Covid-19 vaccines are great tools for combating the pandemic, and are becoming widely available in the U.S. Mass vaccination will help us to return to somewhat normalcy in the not-so-distant future, but it is not a magic bullet. Once you’re vaccinated, there are still some important considerations to keep in mind.

In the newest installment of “The Facts, STAT!” we take a look at the CDC guidance for what is and isn’t safe for the newly vaccinated.

  • Though the vaccines are not perfect, there is data now reported to show the chance of getting severely ill is reduced by 99.8% in fully vaccinated people.
    Since the virus itself only makes about 4% of people severely ill, the odds of severe illness with vaccination appears to be around .04 x .002 = .00008 or 8/100,000 or 1 in 12,500.
    Some very low number.
    The only way I can make sense of insistence vaccinated people continue to self isolate – like grandparents avoiding grandchildren – is if CDC does NOT believe the vaccines are effective.
    My speculation, since Dr. Fauci more or less said it, is that he is very concerned with the variants escaping immunity, either natural immunity from previous infection or vaccine induced immunity.
    I can not find any other rational explanation.
    Since the video was about precautions, I wish to make a few other points.
    1. Unless you are scared of the variants, it seems to make sense to give very different advice in say, MIchigan, (right now the biggest outbreak state) than say where I live, Northern California. Although, obviously, relaxing rules will result in SOME increased transmission, indefinite strict rules will lead to a lot of bad consequences. People will eventually rebel and burn out – but besides the relatively safe places eventually giving up on strict rules- the dangerous places need to be told “You are really dangerous right now” in very definite terms – and, more important – ACCEPT IT “We are at really high levels, we better be extra careful.
    I am sure local media tries to do that, but they are preaching to burned out people by now.

  • Probably because I don’t truly understand what can and cannot be done with follow-up shots vaccines.
    Manufactures gave a time frame and that’s what we should stick too. From what I know this time-frame is normally 2 weeks or 4 weeks, but nothing close to 4 months! Who has done this research? Who really knows. Who made this decision?

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