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For more than a decade, scientists have been experimenting with a procedure known as a fecal microbiota transplant, also called FMT, as a way to treat C. difficile, a potentially fatal infection.

The phrase “fecal transplants” says a lot about what this procedure is — taking poop from one person and putting it into another.

The idea is an ancient one; a therapeutic soup made with stool was allegedly referenced back in the 4th century, and was resurrected by American physicians in the 1950s. Watch this short video to learn more about exactly how all this works.

  • Great story.
    Talk somewhat slower and we won’t miss any details. No need to hurry.

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  • Thanks for the helpful video. Can I suggest to STAT editors that you refer to FMTs as “PooPlants”? It’s a much easier to digest term for consumers

  • Great information but I found the announcer spoke too fast to really get a sense of things. I thought she sounded like she was trying to sell a used car with lots of problems. Too bad! I actually had to listen to it twice.

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