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Each step in the career of Ashwini Zenooz is less comfortable than the last. She started as a radiologist, moved to toil over government medical records, and then took a leading health care role at the cloud technology company Salesforce. Now she is joining a California startup called Commure, hoping to agitate for the change that has eluded her.

“We have been working fast and furious for the past few years to try to solve some of the pain points” in health care, Zenooz said at the STAT Health Tech Summit, where she announced her new role. “We’re seeing such great innovation, but no one is connecting all the dots and thinking about the experience of the end user.”


That is the raison d’être of Commure, the company she’ll help lead as president and chief medical officer to build a new, standardized framework for compiling and sharing health data to better serve patients.

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