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Chelsea Clinton joins the “First Opinion Podcast” this week to discuss her work in public health, starting with the dangers of fracking to maternal and cardiovascular health. Clinton grew up as her parents both built noted political legacies, but it was 1980s-era newsletters on endangered species and the environment that first captured her interest in the intersection of environmental justice and public health.

The conversation started with the First Opinion that Clinton wrote with Terry McGovern and Micaela Martinez, her Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health colleagues, “End fracking exemptions, a threat to maternal and public health,” and went from there.

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  • Wow, Chelsea is a public health expert due to her extensive public health background? Who knew?! And she was a Fortune 500 board member at the age of 25! Wow, wow, wow!

    Could it be because her last name is Clinton?

    For shame, STAT. First Opinion has such a low bar that any celebrity that wants to opine on a topic gets a soapbox? Give me a break and find people with real knowledge on topics to talk about them, not celebrity offspring.

    • Hey, Brett, do thing our trusted journos at STAT are NOT going to fall on their knees at the altar of the Democratic party and today’s peculiar brand of leftism?

      Of course, they have a number of other worship places and strange religious offshoots — the Apostolic Church of the CDC, the Order of Fauci, the Cult of Biden, the IHME Sect, among many others . . .

      . . all of which demand, in some fashion, a never-ending faith based belief in the doctrines of Climate Change (“end to fracking and pipelines” as a particular specialized area of devotion), White Privilege, and, that grand overarching scheme, Systemic Racism.

      That Systemic Racism thing — it’s like the atmosphere — it’s everywhere.

      Unfortunately, their Devil, Donald Trump, is out of the picture, so new Satans must be found so we can have ongoing STAT podcasts.

  • I know very little about fracking, but the article co-written by Clinton claims chemicals used are harmful to “pregnant people” – not “pregnant women”.
    So, now I am wondering, are they only harmful to some “pregnant people”? Are pregnant women safe? Because if they are, the pregnant men will have to take their chances, if that is the only objection.
    I mean this sincerely – it is impossible for me to understand what is going on here – maybe some people who were considered girls at birth are now identifying as non-binary, or not pure women anyway, and the phrase “pregnant people” is supposed to be inclusive of them?
    I do not take the claims made by people who use the phrase “pregnant people” seriously. I feel they have told me science is secondary to their philosophy. Why would I accept anything they say?

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