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What does Covid-19 have in store for this winter? Is Aduhelm a commercial dud? And are we prepared for the next pandemic?

We cover all that and more this week on “The Readout LOUD,” STAT’s biotech podcast. First, STAT’s Helen Branswell joins us to discuss the state of the Covid-19 pandemic as we head into another winter. Then, former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb calls in to discuss his new book on how the U.S. got caught off guard and what the government needs to do before the next pandemic hits. We start with a look at the latest news in the life sciences, including the booster debate, Biogen’s trouble selling its controversial Alzheimer’s drug, and the awkward pairing of beer and face masks.

For more on what we cover, here’s more on the coming winter; here’s where you can buy Gottlieb’s book; here’s the latest on boosters; here’s the news on Aduhelm; here’s where you can subscribe to the First Opinion Podcast; and here’s our complete coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic.


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