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Medical education is in the midst of a revolution. Students and educators, fueled by the same calls for justice that ignited the country’s racial reckoning in 2020, are demanding change from their institutions. They want their education ingrained in antiracism and hope that by acknowledging and teaching about bias and systemic discrimination in the medical field, the next generation of doctors will be better equipped to dismantle racism within health care.

Nurse Kiesha Garcia-Stubbs listens to speakers at Seattle City Hall, where thousands of health care workers gathered after marching to protest police brutality in June 2020. Jovelle Tamayo for STAT

For the third episode of “Color Code,” we take a look at the groundswell of antiracism work in medicine and medical education. We will also explore the backlash that these endeavors have received, which span from institutional repercussions to protests from hate groups.


In this episode, you will hear from Jerrel Catlett and Jennifer Dias, two medical students at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, who will share their experience developing antiracist training and curriculum for students. Michelle Morse, the chief medical officer of New York City’s Health Department, tells us of how her efforts to raise awareness at Brigham and Women’s Hospital were met with hateful messages and protests by neo-Nazis calling her work “anti-white.” We also speak with Aysha Khoury, a physician formerly at Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine, who was dismissed following what she says was an antiracist discussion with students in the classroom.

Thousands of health care workers marched from Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. Jovelle Tamayo for STAT

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A transcript of this episode is available here.


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