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Is pharma facing an existential threat? How do you get CEOs to speak out? And what’s going on with Sarepta Therapeutics?

We cover all that and more this week on “The Readout LOUD,” STAT’s biotech podcast. Jeremy Levin, CEO of Ovid Therapeutics, joins us to discuss a judge’s decision to overturn the FDA approval of an abortion pill and why he believes it’s the biggest threat to the biopharma industry in 50 years. We also cover the biggest news in the week of biopharma, including an update from Moderna, dispatches from a trip to FDA headquarters, and who Sen. Bernie Sanders has in his sights next.


For more on what we cover, here’s more on the judge’s ruling; here’s the news on Sarepta; here’s the latest from the FDA commissioner; here’s the news on the next Senate health hearing; here’s where you can find episodes of Color Code; and here’s where you can subscribe to the First Opinion Podcast.

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