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The trust-builder: a cancer center director’s try-it-all strategy for breaking the barriers between research and Black patients

“How do you treat someone with a drug if they have an unstable housing issue, and they can’t even come back for the therapies? All of these things are critical to reducing the cancer disparity gap.”

Biden tests positive for Covid-19 again — in a case of ‘Paxlovid rebound’

Such rebound cases following treatment with Pfizer’s five-day oral antiviral have stumped physicians as they’ve tried to understand what’s allowing the virus to come back.

Can we really get better Covid vaccines? There are big hurdles, but some hope

At a White House summit on next-generation Covid vaccines, there was tremendous optimism — and glimmers of a tractable path to better products.

White House summit sets lofty goals for new Covid vaccines — but largely sidesteps questions of funding

Top White House officials spent Tuesday laying out a vision for a Covid vaccine utopia. (They spent less time talking about how much it would cost.)

Encouraged by right-wing doctor groups, desperate patients turn to ivermectin for long Covid

The leaders of groups promoting ivermectin for long Covid have achieved large followings on social media through ties to right-wing political organizations and Trump administration officials.

PhRMA and BIO descend on D.C. & unpacking the Senate’s FDA funding drama

You’re reading the web edition of D.C. Diagnosis, STAT’s twice-weekly newsletter about the politics and policy of health and medicine.

Doctors are clamoring for more clarity on Paxlovid prescribing amid Covid-19 rebound concerns

 “I think the sense of likely risk-benefit has changed over time,” said Walid Gellad, an internal medicine physician at the University of Pittsburgh.

Covid-19 deaths in the United States: Reinforcing the notion of ‘two Americas’

After two years, everyone is tired of Covid-19. It is tempting to decide that control measures should be abandoned. But temporary and targeted mitigation will be needed to help shorten future waves.

The panel was supposed to improve efficiency at the NIH. It hasn’t even met for 7 years

In 2006, Congress created an advisory group meant to regularly critique the NIH. But it hasn’t met for seven years, and its members aren’t sure whether it still exists.

‘Lives could be at stake’: CDC’s Walensky warns of dire stakes surrounding abortion access

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky commented on the implications of overturning Roe v. Wade, downplayed mixed messaging on Covid policy, and spoke about the future of the CDC.

Covid’s circling the White House. What are the risks to someone like Biden? 

When President Trump became infected with Covid in October 2020, he had to be airlifted to Walter Reed Medical Center for treatment. If Biden, who is 79, were to become infected with Covid, how worried should Americans be?

‘All the shrapnel that’s in my back’: Defiant Robert Redfield blasts former CDC directors for criticism during Covid-19

Robert Redfield, the CDC director under President Trump, teed off on other former agency leaders, arguing their criticism during Covid-19 further damaged trust in the nation’s public health system.

How we got herd immunity wrong

The idea that vaccinating a certain percentage of the population would stop transmission of SARS-CoV-2 was a seductive but unhelpful description of herd immunity.

NIH’s identity crisis: The pandemic and the search for a new leader leave the agency at a crossroads

Francis Collins’ popularity masked a debate raging in university labs and biotech boardrooms over whether the NIH is living up to its mission — or what its mission should be.

The new White House Covid coordinator is great on TV. Is that what America’s pandemic response needs now?

Ashish Jha, the new White House Covid response coordinator, is great on TV. Is that what America’s pandemic response needs now?

Ashish Jha to replace Jeff Zients as White House Covid response coordinator

Biden is replacing Covid response coordinator Jeff Zients with Ashish Jha, the White House announced Thursday morning.

As Omicron recedes, White House shifts to a more targeted Covid strategy

The Omicron variant is receding, and Americans are returning to everyday life. But the White House isn’t done with its Covid response just yet.

Pfizer made Trump’s vaccine push harder than it needed to be, former Warp Speed official alleges in new book

“Of all the companies in which we invested, Pfizer was both the least transparent and least collaborative,” a former Operation Warp Speed official writes in a new book.

To restore public trust, the CDC must stop legitimizing the expulsion of asylum seekers

Public health, not politics, should inform every aspect of the CDC’s work. Yet politics is reflected in its Title 42 order that is being used to justify the baseless expulsion of asylum seekers at the U.S.-Mexico border.

STAT announces 46 inaugural STATUS List honorees

For Immediate Release: February 22, 2022 Media Contact: Maria Landron | [email protected] The STATUS List is the most definitive accounting of important and impactful individuals in health, medicine, and science With the premiere of “Augmented,” a bevy of notable hires, and now the STATUS List, STAT continues to expand its reach and influence BOSTON — STAT,…

Anthony Fauci

For the second year in a row, Fauci spent 2021 as the most visible face of the U.S. government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. His unwavering yet diplomatic science-based argument for vaccination and mask-wearing makes him both a mainstream-media darling and the target of denialism and death threats from the far right. But Fauci is…

Francis Collins

For a remarkable 12 years, Collins oversaw one of the crown jewels of U.S. biomedical research: the National Institutes of Health. He stepped down at the end of 2021, but not before becoming one of the most respected U.S. health officials in Washington, having served in the Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden administrations. Although…

Why Covid-19 vaccines are a freaking miracle

The pandemic has been catastrophic. But consider something that may have escaped you: You have witnessed — and you are a beneficiary of — a freaking miracle.

Covid-19 challenge trial results are (finally) in: Here’s what should happen next

Why would anyone volunteer to be intentionally infected with SARS-CoV-2? It's not as crazy as it sounds. Such trials have been essential in developing vaccines for malaria, typhoid, and cholera.

‘The scientists, they’re learning more’: A defiant Biden defends the CDC amid mounting criticism

President Biden acknowledged Thursday that the CDC has struggled to communicate about Covid-19. But he blamed “the nature of the way diseases spread” — without granting that some of his administration's missteps have little to do with science.

At Davos, a ‘good news, bad news’ message emerges about Covid-19

"There’s a high probability we will have another variant coming up. The question is when and will it be less dangerous?"

13 big questions about Biden’s response to Omicron, as Congress prepares to grill Fauci, Walensky, and other top officials

A hearing today gives senators a chance to grill top Biden officials about the state of the pandemic and problems in the U.S. response.

‘Protect our hospitals’ might convince Britons to get Covid-19 vaccines, but it won’t work in the U.S.

It is difficult for the public to justify protecting a health care system that has profited from the pandemic, like some insurance plans and hospitals.