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Medicare Part D and its beneficiaries could have saved millions if more biosimilars were accessible

“Greater usage would have saved money for both Medicare and beneficiaries, but usage still remains low," said Melissa Baker of HHS.

Illumina sues Guardant Health, saying former employees stole trade secrets to launch liquid biopsy firm

DNA sequencing giant Illumina is suing Guardant Health, a firm that has become both its customer and rival, claiming that the patents at the core of Guardant’s business are based on confidential information stolen from the genomics company.

Armed with heaps of cash and a veteran team, an upstart looks to disrupt DNA sequencing

Element Biosciences boasted that its sequencer, Aviti, has the right blend of affordability, accuracy, and flexibility to disrupt the current sequencing landscape.

Bill John Baker

In order to address rural Oklahoma's physician shortage, Baker helped forge the country's first tribally affiliated medical school. In collaboration with Oklahoma State University, the osteopathic school welcomed its inaugural class of students in fall 2021. Previously, Baker served as principal chief of the Cherokee Nation, where he worked to improve health care across Indian…

Vaccine mandates should cover the incarcerated, too, not just prison guards and workers

The rights of the incarcerated to self-determination are limited. But expanding them shouldn't start with the choice to shun a shot that authorities say will help them survive.

Cement Head’s last fight: He was denied parole six times — until he was about to become a Covid-19 statistic

At least five people in Massachusetts prisons, all on ventilators for Covid-19, were given medical parole when death looked imminent, though the state delays releasing those with less newsworthy illnesses.

Facing data gaps on trans populations, researchers turn to health records for answers

Researchers can't tap into the promise of EHRs for trans and gender diverse populations — because in many cases, the data simply doesn't reflect their identities.

‘There are a lot of potential Modernas’: The ‘Massachusetts Miracle’ is alive and well

Ours is a story not about one company and one vaccine, but rather of countless doctors and doctorates at dozens of labs and companies that have risen to the occasion to vanquish a virus.

‘They’ve been following the science’: How the Covid-19 pandemic has been curtailed in Cherokee Nation

The Cherokee Nation has been able to curtail its Covid-19 case and death rates even as those numbers surge in surrounding Oklahoma.

A pandemic plan was in place. Trump abandoned it — and science — in the face of Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic is a crisis that must be understood and addressed using science. We are failing to solve it because America is led by an administration that not only isn't scientific but is actively anti-science.

WHO launches ambitious global project to develop Covid-19 medical products

The WHO has launched an ambitious global project to develop #Covid19 medical products — and ensure worldwide access.

It’s tiny biotechs — not big drug makers — that fear ‘nuclear winter’ from Pelosi’s drug pricing bill

Washington hasn’t spent much time considering how small biotech companies will fare under Pelosi’s drug pricing bill — but CEOs said they predict a “devastating effect” on investment.

Up and down the ladder: The latest comings and goings

Pfizer hired Dr. Vassiliki Papadimitrakopoulou as clinical development leader for its oncology business.

Reining in drug spending: What states can learn from one another

New York and Massachusetts take direct aim at drug costs in Medicaid programs, which serve low-income individuals.

Can a new Lyme disease vaccine overcome a history of distrust and failure?

Can a new Lyme disease vaccine overcome a history of distrust and failure?

Pharmalittle: Trump abandons rebate rule; biotechs fume at Mass. governor’s plan to lower drug prices

A proposal by Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker has biotech leaders up in arms.

Massachusetts is trying to make the Berkshires a biotech hub. Can it succeed where so many other cities have failed?

Massachusetts is trying to make the Berkshires a biotech hub. But history proves that’s an uphill battle. Will this one work?

Pharmalittle: FDA still has concerns about compounders; Takeda bid for Shire wins advisory backing

A top Food and Drug Administration official still sees problems with compounders six years after a fungal meningitis outbreak killed 76 people.

Amarin, Vascepa, and mineral oil. There is more to consider with this fish-oil drug story

Here are the next steps for Amarin and its drug derived from fish oil, Vascepa.

A PAC is using the midterms to spotlight high drug prices. Why is it sinking millions into unwinnable races?

A political action committee that’s singularly focused on high drug prices is shelling out millions in races that have already been decided. Here’s why.

Not if but when: After a diagnosis of brain cancer, a young dad and his family grapple with the uncertain time he has left

He is analytical and reflective, a lofty dreamer. She will joke and kvetch and needle. Together they have made a life together — and together they are confronting the unthinkable.

A career in biotech brought success. Then the birds came calling

Missing his firm's scrappy startup days, a top executive leaves biotech behind for no real job, no pay, and the chance to spend his days watching birds from Alaska to Cambridge.

In the ‘diabetes belt,’ a small town grapples with growth of the world’s largest insulin maker

The tiny town of Clayton, N.C., seems an unlikely place for the world’s largest insulin maker to manufacture drugs that fight a chronic disease affecting 30 million Americans.

Houston aspires to become the ‘third coast’ of biotech. Can it pull it off?

Civic leaders are aiming to propel Houston, the country’s fourth-largest city, into biotech’s upper echelons, a “third coast” to rival the drug discovery taking place on the East and West coasts.

Targeted by an addiction treatment center, union workers feel trapped as their benefits are drained

Addiction treatment centers are targeting union workers because they usually have generous insurance benefits that pay for long stays in rehab.

Can a genetic test really boost your odds of becoming pregnant?

A $950 DNA test is marketed as a way to maximize women's chances of becoming pregnant. But there's no proof it can actually help them conceive.

Trump in 30 Seconds: science and medicine in flux – Archive (April, May 2017)

Here's the latest on what the Trump presidency means for health, hospitals, drug companies, and medical research.

Cherokee Nation files lawsuit targeting CVS and other pharmacies in opioid crisis

Cherokee Nation is suing drug companies and retailers, alleging they didn’t do enough to stop prescription painkillers from flooding the tribal community.

Pharmalot, Pharmalittle: European regulator OKs use of Actelion drug after five deaths

The European Medicines Agency says an Actelion drug called Uptravi can continue to be used following a review sparked by five patient deaths.