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David Botstein speaking to a microphone

Calico looking for new chief scientist after celebrated biologist David Botstein quietly retires

Jan. 24, 2023... As Calico's chief scientist, David Botstein advocated a slow, methodical exploration of aging, with help from a large collection of naked mole rats. Now the company's looking for a new leader.

This is Biology's Century top illustration

Here’s why we’re not prepared for the next wave of biotech innovation

Nov. 3, 2022... This is "biology's century," @matthewherper writes. But we’re approaching a moment when changes in what we understand are every bit as terrifying as exhilarating.

Health Tech 2022

No low-hanging fruit: Experts pitch their four big ideas for changing health care

May 25, 2022... Four health care leaders took the stage at the STAT Health Tech Summit in San Francisco to pitch their ideas for transforming health care.

STAT announces third annual Health Tech Summit May 24 in San Francisco

May 2, 2022... 2022 STAT Health Tech Summit will feature MacArthur Award winner Joshua Miele and Google Chief Health Officer Karen DeSalvo BOSTON, MA – Today, STAT, the nation’s must-read health, science, and medicine publication, is proud to announce its 2022 Health Tech Summit. The one day, in-person event will take place on May 24, 2022, in San…

2022 STAT Health Tech Summit

March 25, 2022... READ About Summit About The 2022 STAT Health Tech Summit is complete Thank you to the speakers and everyone who tuned into - and contributed to - this event. Be sure to catch up on key moments from the event. Meet us at the convergence of biology and technology The pandemic turned out to be…

ai brain

How to train a clinical AI to predict bad health outcomes

Feb. 22, 2022... In the latest edition of STAT Health Tech: how to train your AI to predict bad outcomes, the ripple effects of privacy laws, and digital health's notable leaders.

Daphne Koller

Feb. 16, 2022... The former Stanford computer science professor received global acclaim as a co-founder of online education company Coursera. But these days, health care occupies most of her time. She founded Insitro in 2018 — reportedly the first company to base all of its drug discovery on AI. Last March, the South San Francisco startup announced $400…

Tom Stocky

After a decade at Facebook and Google, a tech exec tries his hand at drug development

Sept. 13, 2021... "Coming from tech, I’m used to big data problems with billions of users," said Insitro's Tom Stocky. "In biology, a lot of it is small data problems."

Bright pill

5 companies harnessing AI for drug discovery to watch

June 24, 2021... Companies that promise to speed up pharmaceutical development with algorithms are raking in enormous investments.


Merck’s Roger Perlmutter joins board of AI drug discovery startup Insitro

Oct. 1, 2020... “The hardest part of drug discovery and development... is picking targets,” Perlmutter said. "And picking targets is at this point is largely an intuitive process."

Franklin faces

Despite economic downturn, big names in health tech are drawing in significant funding

May 29, 2020... If money keeps flowing to big names in the economic crisis, it could have stark consequences, with smaller companies struggling for crumbs as their larger competitors grab bigger pieces of the pie.

Aviv Regev portrait

Prominent Broad Institute scientist leaves to lead R&D at Genentech

May 11, 2020... A star scientist in the world of single-cell genomics and computational biology is leaving academia to become one of the few women leading R&D at a biotech company.

Jorge Conde Andreessen Horowitz

This VC firm once pledged to never invest in health care. Now it’s launching its third life sciences fund

Feb. 4, 2020... VC firm Andreessen Horowitz once pledged to never invest in health care. Now it's launching its third life sciences fund.

AI Panel

A bold prediction: Machine learning will yield new drug candidates within three years

Nov. 21, 2019... An explosion of biological data will lead to the first drug candidates discovered by an artificial-intelligence system within the next few years, experts predicted. #STATsummit

Digital pills

AI startups are racing into drug development. Here’s 5 burning questions about which will survive

Aug. 22, 2019... AI startups are racing into drug development. Here’s five burning questions about which will survive.

San Francisco panel - still

Watch: From CRISPR to machine learning, how tech is reinventing how medicines are made

June 17, 2019... From CRISPR to machine learning, how tech is reinventing how medicines are made.

Glaxo Smith Kline

CRISPR lab begs the question: Where is the line between industry and academia?

June 17, 2019... In science, the line between academia and industry used to be clear. No longer.

STAT Summit 2019

June 4, 2019... Nov 20 & 21Cambridge, MA#STATSUMMIT About Catalyzing a revolution in human health Biology is changing the world. For almost four years, STAT has been reporting from the frontiers of medicine like no other publication. Now, Matthew Herper, Editorial Director of Events, and the rest of the STAT team are assembling top executives and researchers, policymakers,…

Daphne Koller

In a test for AI, a buzzy machine learning startup inks drug discovery deal with Gilead

April 16, 2019... The founder of the online education company Coursera is making a big bet on AI in drug development — and got the attention of big drug maker Gilead.

Ashton Carter

Advice on artificial intelligence from the front lines of combat: Humans can’t escape accountability

April 12, 2019... How much do doctors need to understand how a computer reaches a health care decision? That debate played out during an #artificialintelligence conference this week.

Google’s aging research spinout Calico gets another $1 billion commitment from Alphabet and AbbVie

June 26, 2018... AbbVie and Google parent company Alphabet announce they are each committing $500 million to continue funding the scientists researching aging at the ambitious Alphabet unit called Calico.

Jorge Conde Andreessen Horowitz

Vetting AI, early IPOs, and an absence of suits: a conversation with a biotech VC at Andreessen Horowitz

May 15, 2018... Up-and-coming biotech CEOs are making the pilgrimage to Menlo Park, Calif., for an all-important 50-minute meeting with Andreessen Horowitz.