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The scientist behind Pfizer’s Covid vaccine says a flu pandemic is only a matter of time

Nov. 16, 2022... Vaccine researcher Kathrin Jansen said at the #STATSummit that a flu pandemic is inevitable: “The question is, does it come tomorrow or 50 years from now?”

This is Biology's Century top illustration

Here’s why we’re not prepared for the next wave of biotech innovation

Nov. 3, 2022... This is "biology's century," @matthewherper writes. But we’re approaching a moment when changes in what we understand are every bit as terrifying as exhilarating.

STAT announces fourth annual 2022 STAT Summit

July 5, 2022... 2022 STAT Summit to feature Pfizer Chairman & CEO, Albert Bourla, Merck Executive Chairman, Ken Frazier, and Eli Lilly Chair & CEO, Dave Ricks BOSTON, MA – Today, STAT, the nation’s must-read health, science, and medicine publication, is proud to announce the 2022 STAT Summit. The two-day, in-person event will take place on November 15-16,…

FDA advisory panel recommends Omicron-containing booster shots

June 28, 2022... We're live-blogging today's FDA advisory panel meeting on whether and how Covid-19 vaccines should be updated.

2022 STAT Summit

June 22, 2022... Nov 15 & 16Boston#STATSummit Get ticketsView Speakers The 2022 STAT Summit is now complete Thank you to the speakers and to all who tuned into our annual flagship Summit event. Be sure to catch up with coverage from the event, and learn more about all of our upcoming Summits. About From trials to triumph: healing…

Pharmalot Coming/Going STILL

Up and down the ladder: The latest comings and goings

May 6, 2022... From new hires to departures, promotions, and transfers, here are the latest comings and goings in the pharmaceutical industry.

Kathrin Jansen

Pfizer vaccine chief Kathrin Jansen, who led Covid effort, to retire

April 29, 2022... Kathrin Jansen, the vaccine researcher who led Pfizer’s collaboration with BioNTech to develop a Covid-19 vaccine, will retire later this year.

Kathrin Jansen

Feb. 16, 2022... Making vaccines is so satisfying as to be addictive, Jansen has joked. For her, first it was a vaccine for human papillomavirus (HPV), then pneumonia. Now, not only can she add a Covid-19 vaccine to that list, last year the FDA approved an even more powerful version of the pneumonia vaccine. Safe to say, Jansen's…

As Pfizer and BioNTech begin clinical trial of Omicron-based vaccine, timeline to authorization is unclear

Jan. 25, 2022... Pfizer expects initial findings from the study, which will enroll 1,420 volunteers in three cohorts, to be available during the first half of 2022. How soon regulators could authorize an Omicron-specific vaccine is unclear.

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Pfizer testing extra Covid vaccine dose for kids under 5

Dec. 17, 2021... Pfizer said Friday it was changing plans and testing three doses of its Covid-19 vaccine in babies and preschoolers instead of the usual two.

Anthony Fauci 6/30

Fauci says Omicron-specific version of Covid-19 vaccines may not be necessary

Dec. 10, 2021... Anthony Fauci isn’t convinced Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers are going to need to produce an Omicron-specific version of their vaccines.

Kathrin U. Jansen

Pfizer’s vaccine chief on Omicron, mix-and-match boosters, and being prepared for the unknown

Dec. 8, 2021... Pfizer’s vaccine chief weighs in on Omicron, mix-and-match boosters, and being prepared for the unknown.

Kathrin, Ugur, Matt

The world will not exit Covid-19 pandemic without booster shots, vaccine developer says

July 13, 2021... The world is unlikely to get the Covid-19 pandemic under control without using booster shots for messenger RNA vaccines, one of the key figures involved in the development of the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine said.

STAT Announces Inaugural Breakthrough Science Summit to Explore Cutting-Edge Innovations in Health Care

June 2, 2021... This year’s Summit will feature expert voices from the FDA, leading pharmaceutical companies and other industry stakeholders BOSTON, MA – STAT, the nation’s must-read health, science, and medicine publication, recently announced that its inaugural 2021 STAT Breakthrough Science Summit will take place July 13-14. After a year that forced to innovation at unprecedented speed, the…

2021 STAT Breakthrough Science Summit

April 15, 2021... View Highlights About Come here for the cutting edge Technologies and procedures that would have been science fiction are now the reality of medicine. Our 2021 STAT Breakthrough Science Summit took attendees inside these innovations, examining how they're being developed, adopted, and paid for. We also explored the breakthroughs that haven't yet hit the market,…

Good CEOs

Here are the nominees for best biopharma CEO of 2020

Dec. 15, 2020... Here are the nominees for best biopharma CEO of 2020, in two separate categories.

Vaccine vial in focus Covid-19 vaccines

FDA advisory panel endorses Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine

Dec. 10, 2020... An FDA advisory panel met to discuss whether to recommend the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine. @statnews was live-blogging.

Pfizer Albert Bourla

Leading Covid-19 vaccine makers Pfizer and Moderna decline invitations to White House ‘Vaccine Summit’

Dec. 7, 2020... The Trump administration invited the leading Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers to a celebratory “Vaccine Summit” on Tuesday. Neither plans to attend.

Pfizer freezer farm

The story of mRNA: How a once-dismissed idea became a leading technology in the Covid vaccine race

Nov. 10, 2020... The story of mRNA began is a tale of personal perseverance, eureka moments in the lab, soaring expectations — and an unprecedented flow of cash in biotech.

Pharmalittle: Azar floats a plan to oust FDA’s Hahn; AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine trial continues in Brazil despite a death

Oct. 22, 2020... Infuriated by FDA defiance in a showdown over standards for authorizing a Covid-19 vaccine, HHS head Alex Azar has been openly plotting the ouster of FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn.

Trump in lab

A layperson’s guide to how — and when — a Covid-19 vaccine could be authorized 

Sept. 28, 2020... The process of deciding when a vaccine appears to be safe and effective isn’t as straightforward as the general public might believe.


In the race for a Covid-19 vaccine, Pfizer turns to a scientist with a history of defying skeptics — and getting results

Aug. 24, 2020... Pfizer has countless scientists working on its Covid-19 vaccines. But it's counting on one to give it an edge: Kathrin Jansen.

Pfizer R&D illo

Pfizer’s chessmaster: How a top scientist helped invigorate a lumbering drug giant

Sept. 4, 2019... Pfizer’s future is all about R&D. And it's betting on its chief scientific officer as never before.