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Photo illustration of Christopher Viehbacher and Biogen

Biogen’s new CEO, clear-eyed about company’s challenges, prepares to take the reins

Nov. 11, 2022... “I’m not the type of guy to go run something that is smoothly running,” said Biogen's new CEO, Christopher Viehbacher.

medical cost, stethoscope

A CEO pay bonanza, how much the rank and file are paid, and a wilderness therapy rabbit hole

July 18, 2022... This is the inaugural edition of Health Care Inc., STAT's weekly newsletter following the flow of money through the health care system.

Len Schleifer photo illo

Biotech executives pull in some of health care’s biggest paydays, with Regeneron’s CEO sitting atop the pack

July 18, 2022... Regeneron's chief executive, Len Schleifer, took home $453 million in 2021, more than any other executive in biotech, according to a new STAT analysis.

Leonard Schleifer

Feb. 16, 2022... Schleifer is one of biopharma’s most colorful personalities, with his tendency to tell it like it is and his aversion to pulling punches. But for all the theatrics, the company he co-founded, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, has done some serious science, bringing to market more than half a dozen drugs. (Much credit also goes to co-founder and…

Pharmalittle: ICER medical experts find no benefit for Aduhelm; FDA panel votes down Fibrogen’s anemia drug

July 16, 2021... An FDA expert panel concluded that risks of blood clots and other safety concerns tied to Fibrogen’s anemia pill were too high to support the drug’s approval.


Regeneron shareholders urged to boot board member over executive pay practices

June 8, 2021... The shareholder advisory firms cited “problematic” pay practices and “excessive” awards given to top Regeneron executives.

Regeneron Leonard & George

Trump’s treatment puts a spotlight on Regeneron, and the pugnacious pair who run it

Oct. 8, 2020... President Trump’s treatment with Regeneron's experimental Covid-19 antibody therapy puts a spotlight on the company, and the pugnacious pair who run it.

STAT Summit 2020

July 16, 2020... Nov 16-19Online#statsummit About The 2020 STAT Summit: What’s next? The coronavirus pandemic has reset our expectations of what is possible. New medicines and vaccines are being developed at a previously unimaginable pace. Telemedicine has replaced the doctor’s office. Now, we’re starting to figure out how the world has been reshaped in the wake of Covid-19,…

Regeneron HQ

Data for Regeneron arthritis drug in coronavirus could come in weeks

April 9, 2020... Regeneron could release data within weeks about how well its arthritis drug Kevzara is battling the new coronavirus, its chief scientific officer said during a STAT video chat Wednesday. 


Trump’s tone toward pharma shifts, as he looks to drug makers to help with coronavirus response

March 2, 2020... Seated across from pharma execs whose companies are working on a coronavirus vaccine, Trump’s long-simmering contempt for the drug industry melted away.

Pharmalittle: FTC member favors Medicare negotiation on drug prices; BioMarin weighs pricing world’s most expensive drug

Jan. 17, 2020... BioMarin Pharmaceutical is exploring pricing its experimental gene therapy for hemophilia patients between $2 million and $3 million if it is approved, which could make it the most expensive drug in the world.

Cholesterol blood test

Regeneron and Sanofi cut Praluent price 60 percent, as low-selling cholesterol drugs become a drug pricing laboratory

Feb. 11, 2019... Two cholesterol drugs — Praluent and Repatha — are now becoming an experiment in drug pricing.

Pharmalittle: Democrats plan to co-opt Trump drug-pricing message; court delays decision on Allergan patent deal

March 29, 2018... A U.S. appeals court told the Patent Trial and Appeal Board to wait before deciding the validity of patents that Allergan transferred to a Native American tribe.

Len Schleifer

What you need to know about Regeneron’s all-important cholesterol trial

Jan. 24, 2018... Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (REGN) is about to have a chance to prove that its pricey, seldom-used cardiovascular drug can improve patients’ lives.

Len Schleifer

Is pharma’s biggest internal critic risking a reckoning?

Dec. 1, 2017... Dr. Leonard Schleifer, founder and CEO of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, didn't disappoint in his latest performance.

Steven Pearson drug prices

Pharma cost watchdog, with fresh backing, will issue reports on ‘unjustified price hikes’

Oct. 31, 2017... To fund its new effort, ICER is getting a three-year, $13.9 million grant from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation.

Next big drug illo

As blockbuster drugs fizzle, biotech looks warily to the next big thing

March 29, 2017... Several pricey drugs projected as best-sellers have flopped, unnerving the industry. Is the era of the biotech blockbuster over?

Blowing up the FDA

Trump wants to blow up the FDA. The drug industry? Not so much

Feb. 1, 2017... President Trump wants to deregulate the FDA. But drug industry execs and investors are wary, saying the plan sounds like a solution in search of a problem.

Trump and Sanders

It’s a bipartisan war on pharma as Trump and Sanders both bash drug makers

Jan. 11, 2017... President-elect Donald Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders agree on at least one thing: The pharmaceutical industry is “getting away with murder.”

JP Morgan 2017

Pharma’s plan to combat a bad rep: more ads

Jan. 9, 2017... The drug industry's top lobbying group has a plan for its $100 million in extra dues: a stepped-up ad campaign highlighting just how hard it is to invent new treatments.

Pills and Money

Regeneron CEO spars with counterparts, calling many price hikes ‘ridiculous’

Dec. 2, 2016... The CEO of Regeneron spoke at the Forbes Healthcare Summit, calling out his own industries for massive price hikes.

Winners at the at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in 2004.

As an industry giant invests in science fairs, we all invest (for better or worse) in biotech

May 26, 2016... Over the years, the nation has looked toward different kinds of science for its salvation, and science fairs have changed with the times.

Larry J. Merlo, of CVS Health, made $22,855,374 in total compensation in 2015.

Paycheck envy? Check out how much pharma and health care CEOs made last year

May 26, 2016... Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who are the top-earning CEOs of them all? A new report says it's the heads of pharma and health care companies.

Patrick Soon-Shiong

The ‘world’s richest doctor’ just got a very rich payout

April 27, 2016... Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, a biotech billionaire known for his showy promises to revolutionize health care, received an eye-popping $148 million pay package last year.