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Cambridge: AbbVie

AbbVie exits major pharmaceutical industry lobbying groups

Dec. 15, 2022... The maker of one of the world’s most profitable medicines is exiting the pharma industry’s two major lobbying organizations next year.

Photo illustration of Michelle McMurry Heath

Inside Michelle McMurry-Heath’s departure from BIO: Firings, internal clashes, and a pivotal job review

Oct. 21, 2022... Michelle McMurry-Heath’s abrupt exit from BIO shocked the biotech industry. Here’s the inside story of how her departure unfolded.

BIO’s messy transition, mRNA’s future, & Biogen’s next CEO

Oct. 13, 2022... What's going on at biotech's lobbying organization? Where does mRNA go from here? And what happens when startups close down? Find out on the latest episode of "The Readout LOUD" podcast. Listen now:

Pharmalittle: BIO CEO resigns amid board disagreements; Pfizer exec denies allegations over EU Covid-vaccine deal

Oct. 11, 2022... Michelle McMurry-Heath resigned as head of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization following disagreements with some board members.

Dr. Michelle McMurry-Heath Q&A

After tough period for lobby, BIO chief Michelle McMurry-Heath goes on leave

Oct. 9, 2022... Michelle McMurry-Heath, one of the most prominent faces of the drug industry in Washington, is on leave from her role as CEO of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, the group confirmed on Sunday.


How machine learning and automation can solve biomanufacturing scale-up challenges

Aug. 23, 2022... Biological systems are too complicated for the human brain to efficiently control. Computational machines can help humans tap into nature to solve some of the most pressing issues of the day.

Joe Biden giving a thumbs up

In a massive victory for Democrats, Medicare is poised to negotiate drug prices

Aug. 7, 2022... After a major vote Sunday, President Biden is on the verge of his own crowning health care achievement to call, in his words, a BFD.

Prescription popcorn

‘What can we do?’: Pharma lobbyists face their biggest test in a decade, as Democrats barrel toward a vote on drug pricing

July 26, 2022... Pharma’s lobbyists are staring down their biggest test yet, as Democrats barrel toward a vote on drug pricing reform.

Russian aggression underscores the U.S.’s need for greater investment in medical countermeasures

May 17, 2022... U.S. policymakers and lawmakers need to broaden their vision beyond pandemic preparedness to include preparing for human-generated chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats.

Michelle McMurry-Heath

Feb. 16, 2022... As CEO for the world’s largest biotech lobbying organization, McMurry-Heath is a regular (virtual) presence on Capitol Hill, where she has spent the past year arguing against Biden administration proposals to impose price controls on drugs and suspend patent protection for vaccines. But McMurry-Heath, a molecular immunologist and former Johnson & Johnson executive, is also…

D.C. Insight IMAGE

Scott Gottlieb: Trump’s shadow FDA commissioner during Covid-19?

Sept. 21, 2021... Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb writes that he briefed Trump multiple times in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, roughly a year after he stepped down as FDA commissioner.

D.C. Insight IMAGE

How one vape shop is openly defying FDA regulations

Aug. 31, 2021... One of the companies affected by recent FDA restrictions on certain vape makers is openly bragging that it found a loophole to stay in business.

BIO rebuild

‘Change is messy’: Inside the tumultuous efforts to stabilize BIO, the biotech lobby

Aug. 31, 2021... BIO, the lobbying group for biotech companies, is wrestling with inner turmoil that could threaten its ability to navigate Washington.

vaccines intellectual property

Waiving intellectual property rights would compromise global vaccination efforts

Aug. 18, 2021... Embedding delicate mRNA vaccine molecules inside lipid nanoparticle shells at temperatures colder than Antarctica isn't as easy as following a recipe from Bon Appetit.

Janet Woodcock - FDA

As White House mulls FDA commissioner job, a sign of industry backing for Woodcock surfaces

Aug. 9, 2021... "Janet Woodcock is industry's favorite candidate. This is probably not a coincidence,” said Adriane Fugh-Berman of Georgetown University.

Book sunset

The 36 best books and podcasts on health and science to check out this summer

July 6, 2021... The STAT summer book list is back: Check out recommendations for great reads (and podcasts) from the likes of Anthony Fauci, @CDCDirector, @ChelseaClinton, STAT readers and staff, and more!

D.C. Insight IMAGE

The lonely quest to create a commission to investigate Covid-19

June 22, 2021... Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) escalated his campaign for a 9/11 Commission-style panel to investigate the government response to Covid-19 with a rally at a New Jersey hospital Monday.

Dr. Michelle McMurry-Heath Q&A

BIO’s chief on the FDA commissioner rumors, drug pricing, and IP rights 

June 21, 2021... Everyone wants to know whether BIO president Michelle McMurry-Heath will be Biden’s pick to lead the FDA — and whether she even wants the job. So we asked her. 

wheat field climate change

To help solve climate change, look to the biosciences

May 21, 2021... With help from biotechnology, the U.S. can achieve the climate change goals outlined by the Biden administration. Human progress and technology got us into this mess. That same ingenuity can help get us out.

blue syringes

Beyond a symbolic gesture: What’s needed to turn the IP waiver into Covid-19 vaccines

May 19, 2021... Turning an intellectual property waiver for Covid-19 vaccines into vaccine doses will require mobilization, investment, and advocacy for tech transfers, upgraded manufacturing capability, and strengthened supply chains.

tray of pfizer vaccines

Waiver of patent rights on Covid-19 vaccines, in near term, may be more symbolic than substantive

May 6, 2021... The U.S.’s stunning endorsement of a proposal to waive Covid-19 vaccine patents has won plaudits for President Biden and roiled the global pharmaceutical industry. But, at least in the short term, it’s likely to be more of a symbolic milestone.

Joe Biden 3/8

Biden’s silence on an FDA nominee underscores how tough it is to fill that job 

March 9, 2021... Both Trump and Obama had named FDA commissioner nominees by this week in their presidencies — and neither was dealing with a global pandemic. 

Hospital Superbug Outbreak

The Biden administration’s pandemic agenda must not ignore superbugs

March 3, 2021... For years, the antibiotics used to fight various infections have grown gradually less effective. If current trends continue, these antibiotics could stop working altogether in the near future.

Pharmalittle: Lilly says its antibody prevented Covid-19 in a trial; EU and Pfizer clash over vaccine delays

Jan. 21, 2021... Eli Lilly says its monoclonal antibody prevented Covid-19 infections in nursing home residents and staff in a clinical trial, the first time such a treatment has been shown to prevent infection.

gilead logo ca remdesivir

Major health companies and trade groups suspend campaign contributions after Capitol riot

Jan. 12, 2021... Several major health corporations are re-evaluating their support for the 147 GOP lawmakers who voted against certifying the Electoral College results.

Donald Trump stare

BIO files lawsuit to block Trump international drug pricing policy

Dec. 4, 2020... EXCLUSIVE: The biotech trade group BIO is suing the Trump administration over its new drug pricing policy today.

purple micrograph covid-19

Prominent biotech leaders release Covid-19 guidelines calling for FDA independence, data transparency

Sept. 3, 2020... Among their demands: That biotech companies don’t simply release clinical trial data in press releases, and that regulators make it clear that any vaccines or treatments will be approved strictly based on science.

dt 7/28

The drug industry’s new tactic in Washington: calling Trump’s bluff 

July 31, 2020... Pharma is skipping White House meetings and publicly questioning Trump’s resolve — a brazen new strategy for dealing with his efforts to lower drug prices. 

STAT Summit 2020

July 16, 2020... Nov 16-19Online#statsummit About The 2020 STAT Summit: What’s next? The coronavirus pandemic has reset our expectations of what is possible. New medicines and vaccines are being developed at a previously unimaginable pace. Telemedicine has replaced the doctor’s office. Now, we’re starting to figure out how the world has been reshaped in the wake of Covid-19,…