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Pramila Jayapal

Elected in 2016 to represent super-blue Seattle, Jayapal — the first Indian American woman to serve in the House — is also chair of the 95-member Congressional Progressive Caucus. That gave her the clout to ensure that the Build Back Better Act, passed by the House in November, included reforms that would give the federal…

Democrats circulate a new drug pricing outline with a big carveout for small biotechs

A draft drug pricing compromise circulating on Capitol Hill and in lobbying circles this week includes a generous carveout for small biotech companies.

The 10 power players to watch on Democrats’ drug pricing push

Democrats are about to pursue the most ambitious drug pricing policy push in two decades. Here are 10 people who could determine whether they succeed.

Washington’s antitrust push could limit Amazon, Google’s health care ambitions

Congress is weighing game-changing bills to curb the tech industry’s monopoly power, and the measures could obstruct Google and Amazon’s ambitions in health care. 

Democrats have their best shot yet at letting Medicare negotiate drug prices — but it’s still not a done deal

Democrats have pledged for over a decade to let Medicare negotiate drug prices. Now they control the House and Senate — but it’s still easier said than done. 

After a long fight, progressives secure small tweaks to Pelosi’s drug pricing package

Progressives are finally on board with Pelosi’s sweeping drug pricing bill after securing two small concessions.

House Republicans fuel Capitol Hill chaos with competing drug pricing bill

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s signature drug pricing bill has a new competitor: a bill that House Republicans say is designed to garner bipartisan support.

House progressives plot overhaul of Pelosi drug pricing bill

House progressives aren’t satisfied with Pelosi’s signature drug pricing bill. Here’s what they want to see change. 

Pelosi’s drug pricing plan would let Medicare negotiate prices for up to 250 drugs

The new legislation is more aggressive than prior concepts that had circulated among lobbyists and congressional staff this year.

Pharma CEOs didn’t show up for a congressional scolding, so progressives shadowboxed instead

Progressive lawmakers invited six drug industry CEOs to Capitol Hill to prod them about high drug prices. None showed up — so the Democrats scolded their empty chairs instead.

Facing progressive pressure, Pelosi could expand her drug pricing plan to negotiate prices for $118 billion worth of medicines

Facing pressure from House progressives, Nancy Pelosi expanded her drug pricing plan. Now, it could impact almost 80% of Medicare drug spending.

House progressives challenge drug makers to come back to Capitol Hill

The Congressional Progressive Caucus has invited executives from these six pharmaceutical companies to Capitol Hill to explain what they say are “out-of-control” price increases.

Progressives warn Democratic leaders that piecemeal drug pricing reforms could fracture the party

Progressive lawmakers are increasingly warning that they would forcefully oppose any effort to set up a system of arbitration to help lower drug prices — a model that has the implicit backing of Democratic party leadership.

At a rally outside PhRMA’s headquarters, activists accuse drug makers of blocking ‘Medicare for All’

A crowd of roughly 200 progressive protestors planted themselves outside PhRMA headquarters Monday with a message for the drug industry: get out of our way.

Democrats feud over drug pricing policy, as progressives push pragmatists to be bolder

Nancy Pelosi made lowering drug prices a cornerstone of Democrats' 2018 campaign strategy. But so far, her party has been beset by internal squabbles about which plan to pursue.

Lawmakers seek to cap damages in medical malpractice cases

Doctors who worry about medical malpractice lawsuits could get major relief under legislation that was being considered by a House committee.