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Sangeeta Bhatia

A polymath trained in medicine and engineering, Bhatia made her name working at the intersection of nanomaterials and disease detection and treatment — in the process forming five companies. Now she’s building on her scientific and entrepreneurial clout to create more opportunities for other women to found life science companies, including the creation of a…

‘Start at the top’: Women in biotech on how to break down barriers in the industry

“Less dollars go to women-founded companies and you are frequently the only woman in the room,” said Sangeeta Bhatia, an MIT professor and biotech entrepreneur.

Nancy Hopkins, pioneering biologist and advocate for gender equity in science, wins STAT Biomedical Innovation Award

“It’s very easy to forget how much progress there has been because we haven’t arrived where we’d like to be," said Nancy Hopkins, winner of the STAT Biomedical Innovation Award, at the #STATSummit.

2021 STAT Summit

nov 16-18hybrid event#statsummit View Highlights About Charting a course for medicine's future Leading figures in science and medicine joined us at the 2021 STAT Summit. Corporate executives, top scientists, patient advocates, and government officials had spirited discussions with each other, and with STAT’s award-winning reporters. They answered your questions and dove deep into the hottest…

‘As good a model as I’ve seen’: MIT biologist on new initiative to address gender inequities in biotech

Nancy Hopkins, a professor emerita of biology at MIT, chats with STAT on a new initiative to address gender inequities in biotech.

MIT scientists launch Future Founders Initiative to solve biotech’s ‘missing women’ problem

The Future Founders Initiative, launched by a group of MIT scientists, calls for collaborations between the university, VC firms, and faculty.

A test you can breathe in: Scientists are developing synthetic biosensors to monitor lung disease

Like a breathalyzer that recognizes alcohol, the synthetic biosensor could sniff out compounds in a patient's breath that are released only by specific illnesses. 

Startup Spotlight: Glympse Bio hopes its test will show whether drugs are actually working

Startup Glympse Bio is hoping its nanoparticle-based biosensors, an alternative to traditional biopsies, can help drug developers test whether their own medicines are actually treating a patient’s condition.

Three star scientists announce plan to solve biotech’s ‘missing women’ problem

Five VC firms have signed a pledge to do all in their power to boost board membership of biotech companies they control to 25% women by 2022.

With nanobots and rare viruses, scientists work to solve CRISPR’s delivery problem

The CRISPR genome editor is easy to design and produce. But getting CRISPR to only the right cells and slipping it through their membranes is the opposite of easy.

Peering inside life’s microworld: MIT’s 2019 image award winners

To honor advances in the visualization of biological processes, MIT's @kochinstitute sets up an annual exhibit in its lobby. Check out this year's selections: