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This billionaire has quietly driven Boston’s biotech industry for decades

“Tim is a weird-science guy." A 74-year-old professor at Harvard Medical School and a research lab chief at Boston Children’s Hospital is a heads-down scientist and entrepreneur with some notable quirks.

Moderna says Omicron-containing booster outperforms current vaccine

Moderna said Wednesday that using a new version of its Covid-19 vaccine as a booster led to a superior antibody response against the Omicron variant compared to its current shot.

What happens when the government stops buying Covid-19 vaccines?

The federal government has distributed Covid-19 vaccines and treatments for free so far, but most likely, the handouts won’t last forever.

Pharmalittle: Seagen CEO under investigation after alleged domestic violence; Bausch & Lomb settles for a lesser IPO

The CEO of Seagen, formerly known as Seattle Genetics, is on a leave of absence following an alleged incident of domestic violence.

Covid shots made Moderna biotech’s biggest star, but what now?

Moderna is poised to make strides in mRNA vaccines for diseases ranging from flu to HIV to cancer. But scientific and economic hurdles make success far from guaranteed.

White House documents detail a looming squeeze on Covid-19 boosters

Read all 400 pages of the White House’s binder of Covid-19 funding documents, made public for the first time.

Listen: Succession at Biogen, surprises at Vertex, & a potential superspreader dinner

Who's going to run Biogen? Does Aduhelm have a future? And is it OK to shame reporters? We cover all that and more this week on “The Readout LOUD.” Listen now:

Moderna data yield hope for better Covid boosters, but highlight complexity of figuring out how to give them

New data from Moderna offer hope that booster shots against Covid-19 could become at least somewhat more effective than they already are.

Moderna to ask FDA to authorize Covid-19 vaccine in children 6 months to 6 years

Moderna announced it will ask the FDA to authorize its Covid-19 vaccine for emergency use in children aged 6 months to 6 years, a group for which there are currently no authorized Covid vaccines.

Moderna will never enforce Covid-19 vaccine patents in poor countries

Moderna said it will not seek to enforce its patents on its Covid-19 vaccine in low- to middle-income countries — but will do so in wealthier nations.

Pharmalittle: Moderna patent filings prompt fears for WHO vaccine hub; AstraZeneca defeats HHS again in 340B battle

Moderna has applied for patents in South Africa relating to its Covid-19 vaccine, prompting fears the company could seek to prevent an African vaccine hub from making its own version.

Stéphane Bancel

The success of the Spikevax mRNA vaccine against Covid-19 — it ended up in 73 million American arms by the end of 2021 — sent Moderna’s stock soaring. And that turned Bancel into a multibillionaire and one of the world’s most influential biotech CEOs. Previously CEO of a French diagnostics company, Bancel has led Moderna…

Biopharma’s response to the next pandemic depends on collaboration and the ability to learn and fail fast

When it comes to drug development, the health care industry must embrace its learnings with Covid-19: good drugs need good science and good science thrives on collaboration.

Study suggests Omicron-specific booster may not provide more protection

A new study conducted in primates suggests there may not be a benefit from updating Covid-19 vaccines to target the Omicron variant at this time.

Moderna wins full approval for its Covid-19 vaccine, as Novavax seeks authorization for its version

The FDA granted full approval to Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine on Monday, making it the country’s second fully licensed vaccine to protect against SARS-CoV-2.

At Davos, a ‘good news, bad news’ message emerges about Covid-19

"There’s a high probability we will have another variant coming up. The question is when and will it be less dangerous?"

Pharmalittle: Moderna says booster shot raises antibody levels to thwart Omicron; Sanofi buys yet another biotech

Moderna (MRNA) disclosed that a booster shot of its coronavirus vaccine significantly raises the level of antibodies that can thwart the Omicron variant.

Pharmalittle: Moderna CEO cautions Covid shots will be less effective against Omicron; Pfizer predicts new vaccine for the variant in 100 days

Moderna predicts that existing Covid-19 vaccines will be less effective against Omicron than they have been against the Delta variant.

Pharmalittle: Vaccine makers scramble to assess the Omicron Covid strain; Pfizer to step up Covid pill production

Vaccine makers will spend several weeks assessing the danger and potential impact of the new Omicron variant of Covid-19, but they're already developing ways to combat it.

Moderna millionaires and the double-edged sword of stock market riches

In just a few years, Moderna went from stock market dud to moonshot, a prime example of how Massachusetts’ life sciences and tech companies can create wealth that ripples through the local economy.

What Moderna owes the world

The Moderna scientists, engineers, and staff who worked to deliver a modern-day miracle — a vaccine against Covid-19 — are to be commended. Now the company needs to do its part to help end the pandemic in low-income countries.

Pharmalittle: Pfizer expects $36 billion in Covid-19 vaccine sales this year; Dems scramble for a drug-pricing compromise

Pfizer raised the full-year sales forecast for its Covid-19 vaccine by 7.5% to $36 billion, as it signs deals with countries for booster doses.

Moderna, making billions from its vaccine, bets on a genome-editing startup

Moderna, flush with cash thanks to its blockbuster Covid-19 vaccine, has picked a partner for its foray into CRISPR, and it’s not one of the field’s multibillion-dollar players.

How Moderna nearly lost the race to develop a Covid-19 vaccine

Though developing a safe and effective Covid-19 vaccine in a timeline that many called impossible was a monumental effort, the Moderna story is a stark reminder of how thin the line can be between success and failure.

Tracking the FDA advisory panel meeting on Moderna’s Covid vaccine booster

Follow along today as STAT's @HelenBranswell and @matthewherper live blog the FDA advisory committee meeting on Moderna's Covid vaccine booster.

Moderna plans a vaccine plant in Africa, but critics say the move isn’t enough to ensure access

Moderna announced plans to build a plant to manufacture Covid-19 vaccines in Africa. But some critics say it isn't enough to ensure access.

If vaccine apartheid exists, vaccine billionaires shouldn’t

Founders and investors have been allowed to bend the course of the pandemic to their private benefit. When a few people win big, everyone else loses.

Moderna’s CEO says he ‘didn’t lose a minute of sleep’ over potential waiver of vaccine patents

Moderna chief executive Stephane Bancel shrugged off the Biden administration’s support for suspending patents for coronavirus vaccines.

U.S. government has invested $6 billion in Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine

The federal government has now invested about $6 billion in the Covid-19 vaccine from Moderna, the Cambridge, Mass., biotech that few outside the scientific and investment worlds had heard of a couple of years ago.