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Colombian regulator fines Pfizer for inflating prices on several medicines

Although the Pfizer fine is small, it has symbolic weight because it occurs as countries explore ways to contain the rising cost of medicines.

El Salvador is the latest Latin American country to worry pharma over compulsory licensing

Drug makers argue that compulsory licensing eviscerates patent rights.

U.S. trade rep is urged to revamp trade deal with Colombia over compulsory licensing

Colombia has been a flash point for the pharmaceutical industry for a while.

With a push from pharma, U.S. Trade Rep pressure on Colombia starts to take hold

Colombia has been a flashpoint for the pharmaceutical industry for a while.

Patient groups say U.S. Trade Rep issued a ‘shameful’ report on bad patent players

Several patient groups are lambasting the U.S. Trade Representative over its latest annual list that identifies and ranks countries based on a willingness to protect intellectual property.

More GOP lawmakers urge U.S. trade officials to lean on Colombia over drug approvals

More Republican lawmakers are urging the U.S. trade representative to require Colombia to change its laws governing drug approvals.

Pharma enlists a congressional ally to persuade U.S. trade officials to lean on Colombia

Pharma is doubling down on its campaign to force Colombia to alter its drug pricing and patent policies by enlisting the support of a congressional ally.

Advocates protest Novartis ‘bullying tactics’ over access to medicines in poor countries

STAT Plus: Advocacy groups are accusing Novartis of “underhanded tactics that put patient lives at risk.”

U.S. trade rep leans on Colombia to rework policies for access to medicines

The pharma industry contends Colombia fails to properly protect its intellectual property and creates access barriers.

Pharma urges U.S. trade officials to place the E.U. on the bad behavior list

Placing the E.U. on the watch list “would make a mockery of the process," one expert said.

Pharmalittle: Congress drops bill to speed generics to market; E.U. pol calls Novartis bribe scheme ‘slander’

European Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos condemned a report from Greek prosecutors that alleges Novartis bribed politicians as a "conspiracy" and "slander."

PhRMA is angered by Colombia’s move to cut prices for hepatitis C drugs

Public health and pharma patent rights are debated in Colombia when it comes to hepatitis C drug prices.

Chilean lawmakers push for compulsory licenses for hepatitis C drugs

Chile is not the only country considering compulsory licenses to lower drug costs. Pharma has tried hard to thwart such moves.

Chilean government is pushed by activists to pursue compulsory licenses

Nearly a year has gone by since several Chilean lawmakers asked the government to make it possible to issue compulsory licenses for prescription drugs, but no action was taken.

Netherlands health minister threatens compulsory licenses over ‘absurd prices’

By putting this on the table, the Netherlands becomes at least the fourth country in little more than a year to consider compulsory licensing.

Peruvian lawmakers seek a compulsory license for a Bristol HIV drug

The move, which must now be taken up by the Peruvian Congress, comes two years after patient advocates pushed the government to issue a license.

Colombian government divided over moves to lower drug prices

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism is trying to make it harder to unilaterally cut drug prices or issue compulsory licenses.

Pharma trade group urges US trade rep to take action against Colombia

The industry trade group argued that Colombia should be given added scrutiny for purportedly failing to sufficiently protect and enforce patent rights.

Chile’s congress votes to pursue compulsory licenses for medicines

Countries can issue compulsory licenses to a generic drug maker allowing it to copy a patented medicine without the consent of the patent holder.

Winners and Losers: Who had a good week — and who didn’t

STAT's weekly run down of the winners and losers in the wide world of biopharma.

In closely watched case, Colombia cuts the price of a Novartis cancer drug by 44 percent

The price cut is the latest step in a closely watched and particularly heated battle over access to medicines and intellectual property rights.

Colombia plans to proceed with price cut on Novartis cancer drug

Colombia Health Minister Alejandro Gaviria may drop the price for Gleevec by up to 45 percent.

UN panel urges wider access to medicines, but pharma slams the report

The UN released a lengthy report that urges governments to take various steps to ensure greater access to needed medicines.

State Department accused of interfering with efforts for affordable medicines

Patient advocacy groups charged that State Department officials put its nose in several incidents aimed at lowering the cost of drugs in other countries, as well as in the US.

Novartis, Colombia face off over cancer drug cost

Both Colombia and Novartis may emerge as losers in the latest struggle over drug costs.

Colombia plans to unilaterally lower the cost of a Novartis cancer drug

Colombia's health minister said he will lower the price for Gleevec, a cancer drug, in the public's interest and in order to save the country needed health dollars.

Bernie Sanders accuses US Trade Rep of intimidating Colombia over Novartis patent

Bernie Sanders joined a growing chorus of disapproval of the US Trade Representative for what they see as pressure on Colombia not to sidestep a patent on a Novartis drug.

House Democrats blast US Trade Rep for pressuring Colombia over Novartis patent

A group of 15 House Democrats wants United States Trade Representative Michael Froman to explain why his office appeared to pressure Colombia not to sidestep a patent on a Novartis cancer drug.

Pharmalot, Pharmalittle: Sanofi moves to replace the Medivation board

Sanofi is moving to replace each member of the Medivation board with eight independent candidates.