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Pharmalittle: FDA approves first gene therapy for hemophilia B; pharma’s reputation slips in U.S.

Nov. 23, 2022... The FDA approved a gene therapy developed by UniQure to treat people with hemophilia B, an inherited bleeding disorder.

Moderna bivalent COVID-19 vaccines are stored in a freezer for use at a clinic

Real-world data show updated Covid-19 boosters increase protection against infection

Nov. 22, 2022... The updated Covid-19 boosters increase people’s protection against symptomatic infection from the coronavirus, according to some of the first estimates of how the shot is performing in the real world.

three Influenza B virus particles colored in orange on a teal background

Why doesn’t the U.S. have at-home flu tests?

Nov. 22, 2022... “It's really rare, and it's really new, that people are allowed to know about what's happening inside their body without a physician in the middle,” says Michael Mina, a former assistant professor of epidemiology at Harvard.

Cultured colon cancer cells

mRNA revolutionized the race for a Covid-19 vaccine. Could cancer be next?

Nov. 21, 2022... The unprecedented success of mRNA vaccines against Covid is raising hopes that the technology could lead to new and better vaccines against cancer.

The US Capitol is reflected in a sign calling for protective masks to be worn.

Congress: Confront the superbug crisis and pass PASTEUR

Nov. 21, 2022... This is not the time to make the task of developing new antibiotics and fighting drug-resistant superbugs more difficult than it already is.

Thanksgiving dinner table

How infectious disease experts are responding to Covid nearly three years in

Nov. 21, 2022... With Thanksgiving only days away, we asked infectious disease experts whether they are starting to lower their guard against Covid. Some of them are, a little.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers

In a Republican-led House, probing science agencies tops the agenda

Nov. 16, 2022... Republicans just took the House. That means major Covid-19 investigations are coming.

Anthony Fauci and Helen Branswell on the STAT Summit stage.

‘I pushed back’: Fauci on how his response to Trump on Covid turned him into ‘public enemy No. 1’

Nov. 15, 2022... Anthony Fauci: "I had to do something that was very uncomfortable — to publicly disagree with and contradict the president of the United States."

Pills global supply

More drugmakers are expanding access in poorer countries, but progress continues to lag overall

Nov. 15, 2022... For the first time, many of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies are taking concrete steps to widen access to their medicines in low and middle-income countries.

Ana Gonzalez-Reiche

Nov. 14, 2022... Like most Covid-19 researchers, Ana Gonzalez-Reiche didn't start out studying coronaviruses. But her experiences with zoonotic viruses and tracking the evolution of pathogens set her up to be in the right position to sequence the sample of a Mt. Sinai patient and confirm that, indeed, Covid had arrived in New York. Gonzalez-Reiche is originally from…

A Democratic Senate improves the outlook for Biden health and science priorities, including key nominees

Nov. 13, 2022... A Democratic Senate will make it much easier for Biden to get key health and science nominees confirmed, like an NIH director. It'll also mean less scrutiny for Anthony Fauci.

Pharmalittle: Lilly says fake Twitter account offered free insulin; AstraZeneca drops plans for Covid shot in the U.S.

Nov. 11, 2022... AstraZeneca dropped plans to submit its Covid-19 vaccine to the FDA for approval, ending a long-running ambition to eventually sell the shot in the U.S. despite initial setbacks.

A child receives a dose of Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine.

Lessons from polio about the need to vaccinate kids against Covid-19

Nov. 11, 2022... Many viruses, like polio and SARS-CoV-2, can have lifelong effects on health. Vaccinating kids against Covid-19 can help prevent them.

Listen: Biogen’s new CEO, how the midterms affect science, & a biotech bankruptcy

Nov. 10, 2022... How can Biogen right the ship? What happened to that "red wave"? And what can NASCAR teach us about public health? Find out on the latest episode of "The Readout LOUD" #podcast.

Medical workers mourn colleague mental health

Health workers’ mental health: Addressing the invisible global pandemic

Nov. 10, 2022... A future in which mental illness carries less stigma for health workers and others will require taking the responsibility off individuals to recognize and manage mental health challenges on their own.

People wait in line as city workers hand out take-home Covid-19 test kits in lower Manhattan

U.S. set to face third Covid winter, this time without key tools and treatments

Nov. 10, 2022... Already, some hospitals in New York City are planning to stop using certain drugs because resistant Covid variants are spreading, an infectious disease specialist told STAT.

Photograph of Kari Lake

In Arizona’s race for governor, Kari Lake fans Republican fury over Fauci, fentanyl and gender-affirming care

Nov. 7, 2022... Kari Lake and fellow GOP candidates in the purple state are questioning the legitimacy of abortion, vaccines, the coronavirus response and gender-affirming care.

Nursing student administers a covid booster vaccine

Free sunscreen, ear plugs — and Covid shots? At the NASCAR race, vaccinations are still a tough sell

Nov. 7, 2022... Free sunscreen, ear plugs — and Covid shots? At this weekend's NASCAR race in Arizona, vaccinations were still a tough sell.

Single car in a parking lot burnout resignation

Trying to quit my job as an ER doctor gave me reasons to stay

Nov. 7, 2022... For all the burnout studies and headlines about physicians leaving the field, there's less attention on those of us searching for reasons to stay.

antimicrobial resistance

A ‘blank check’: Bill to boost antibiotic development blasted as a ‘flawed’ giveaway to pharma

Nov. 4, 2022... "The global pipeline of new antibiotics will remain nearly empty unless we address the paradoxically broken economics of antibiotics."

health plans addressing health inequity

Believers in science must take action when recommendations breach public health

Nov. 4, 2022... Opposing recommendations that run counter to public health may not always pay off and may be risky to those voicing opposition, but silence may be riskier for those they are entrusted to protect.

Listen: How the biotech revolution could come apart at the seams

Nov. 3, 2022... What's the atom bomb of biology? Why don't we run better clinical trials? And how is CRISPR like a Ferrari? All that and more on this week's episode of "The Readout LOUD" #podcast.

A leaked version of a U.K.-India free trade deal sparks alarm over access to medicines

Nov. 3, 2022... “The U.K.’s demands are seeking to gut India’s patent and drug regulatory laws of the safeguards that make it a manufacturing powerhouse,” said Leena Menghaney.

CVS, Walgreens announce opioid settlements totaling $10B

Nov. 2, 2022... CVS and Walgreens announced agreements in principle Wednesday to pay about $5 billion each to settle lawsuits nationwide over the toll of opioids.

Pharmalittle: Pfizer maternal RSV vaccine meets pivotal study’s goal; Lilly cuts its annual profit forecast

Nov. 1, 2022... Pfizer’s maternal vaccine against the respiratory syncytial virus reduced the rate of severe illness in newborns by 81.8%, the company said.

Senator Rand Paul, a Republican from Kentucky, listens during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing

With Republicans on the verge of congressional control, science is on the line

Nov. 1, 2022... Some of the most vocal critics of science agencies like the NIH and the CDC, including Sen. Rand Paul, are poised for power if Republicans take control of Congress.

Influenza A virions

With hospitalizations ticking up, flu season appears off to an early start

Oct. 28, 2022... There are increasing signs that flu season is off to a very early start in parts of the U.S.

Listen: Anti-science at the polls, a biotech odd couple, & the stakes of the midterms

Oct. 27, 2022... Can Covid denialism get you elected? How is the music business like biotech investing? And what's at stake for science in the midterms? All that and more on the latest episode of "The Readout LOUD" #podcast.

Photograph of a covid patient in the ICU.

Covid-19 is an inverse equity story, not a racial equity success story

Oct. 25, 2022... It is worth celebrating the tenacity of community champions who fought for equitable access to vaccines by Black and Hispanic people. But fixing injustice requires fundamental changes in systems and structures.