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With the help of a sticky, stretchy material, scientists design a continuous ultrasound system

“It’s a very impressive new frontier about how we can use ultrasound imaging continuously," said Eric Topol.

White House to launch effort to develop next generation of Covid vaccines

Exclusive: The Biden administration is preparing a sweeping initiative to develop a next generation of Covid-19 immunizations that would thwart future coronavirus variants and dramatically reduce rates of coronavirus infection or transmission.

Pharmalittle: Amgen faces $7B IRS back-tax bill and fine; McKinsey exec apologizes for opioid work during hearing

The top executive at McKinsey appeared for the first time before Congress to answer for the consulting firm’s role in fanning the opioid crisis.

How Paxlovid came to be: From the germ of an idea to a vital tool against Covid

The story of Paxlovid is a reminder that the path from a biological idea to a useable medicine depends on thousands of decisions, any of which can result in the medicine not making it.

‘Haven’t we learned anything?’: Experts warn of disastrous consequences if pandemic funding dries up

Prominent Covid-19 experts are warning of potentially devastating consequences if the federal government runs out of funding to invest in more therapeutics, vaccines, testing, and other pandemic response initiatives.

Prisons skimp on Covid treatments like Paxlovid, even as Biden plans to flood pharmacies with it

Pfizer’s drug Paxlovid seems tailor-made for helping to combat Covid-19 in prisons. But the drug isn’t available to the vast majority of federal prisoners, according to STAT’s review of federal data.

How to train a clinical AI to predict bad health outcomes

In the latest edition of STAT Health Tech: how to train your AI to predict bad outcomes, the ripple effects of privacy laws, and digital health's notable leaders.

Pandemic predictions are tricky. Except this one: U.S. hospitals are not ready for the new normal

If we default to business as usual and leave the U.S. health care system to treat what could have been prevented, it will do what it does best: provide care expensively, inequitably, and with underwhelming results.

Folx Health names a fresh CEO and Ro raises another $150 million

Folx Health, which provides specialty care services focused on the LGBTQIA+ community, announced that Liana Douillet Guzmán will take over as CEO from founder A.G. Breitenstein.

Eric Topol

A high-profile physician-scientist who writes widely and has a large social media presence, Topol has used his platform throughout the pandemic to push for broader masking and vaccination programs, and for federal funding to develop a pan-coronavirus vaccine against all variants of SARS-CoV-2. In 2020, he publicly excoriated then-FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn for bowing to…

Why Covid-19 vaccines are a freaking miracle

The pandemic has been catastrophic. But consider something that may have escaped you: You have witnessed — and you are a beneficiary of — a freaking miracle.

They built a smarter approach to Covid clinical trials. Now they want to do the same for other diseases

A group of scientists who did more than perhaps any other to test new treatments for Covid is now turning its focus to improving clinical trials for the rest of medicine.

Robert Califf is a fervent believer in data. At the FDA, will that be enough?

Robert Califf, President Biden's nominee to lead the FDA, is driven by the need to build consensus — a tendency that may or may not serve him well at the agency.

Pfizer’s Covid pill remains 89% effective in final analysis, company says

Pfizer reported full results of a 2,246-patient study of its Covid pill in a press release Tuesday, showing it retained the 89% efficacy at preventing hospitalization and death reported in an earlier study.

Changing the definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ is more than just semantics, experts argue

Should the definition of “fully vaccinated” change, now that access to Covid-19 boosters is widespread? Experts say it’s more complicated than you think.

‘Just stupid stuff’: Logistics and lack of testing stymied finding the Omicron variant in the U.S.

Health agencies in the U.K. found that country’s first Omicron cases less than 48 hours after South Africa sounded the alarm. What took so long in the U.S.?

Lessons from the inverted paradiddle can help telehealth move forward

The hospital of the future will be focused on intensive care units and operating rooms. The remainder of what has traditionally been hospital care will be delivered in the home, safely and more cost efficiently.

What would the public health experts do? STAT asked 28 about their holiday plans amid Covid-19

Would you host a multigenerational Thanksgiving feast? What about fly outside the U.S. for a winter trip? 28 public health experts told STAT what they're comfortable with right now.

I’ve worked with Robert Califf. He is the leader the FDA needs

Given the essential work the FDA does — it oversees industries that account for 20 cents of every dollar spent by Americans — it deserves an extraordinary leader. I believe Robert Califf to be exactly that.

Biden moves to ramp up at-home Covid-19 testing

The White House announced a $1 billion purchase of at-home rapid tests for Covid-19, a move aimed at scaling up production in the U.S. and quadrupling the availability of the tests by December.

Biden’s chaotic messaging on Covid-19 boosters is pitting the White House against the government’s scientific advisers

The Biden administration’s careening rollout of Covid-19 booster shots has pitted key public health officials against their own scientific advisers.

Beyond ‘vaccinopia’: Rapid tests should play a larger role in Biden’s Covid-19 plan

Focusing primarily on vaccines and overlooking a valuable tactic like rapid testing is a dangerous kind of myopia that the country should avoid.

FDA, under pressure, plans ‘sprint’ to accelerate review of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine for full approval

FDA, under pressure, plans ‘sprint’ to accelerate review of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine for full approval.

Experts warn full Covid-19 vaccine approval is no quick fix for hesitancy

Pressure is mounting on the FDA to issue full approvals for Covid-19 vaccines. But some experts say the agency is moving at the right pace — and that full approvals will do little to reduce hesitancy.

Study highlights need for full Covid vaccination to protect against Delta variant

“Delta remains a threat primarily to unvaccinated or partially vaccinated people," virologist Angela Rasmussen said.

The 36 best books and podcasts on health and science to check out this summer

The STAT summer book list is back: Check out recommendations for great reads (and podcasts) from the likes of Anthony Fauci, @CDCDirector, @ChelseaClinton, STAT readers and staff, and more!

What a century-old painting taught me about being present as a physician today

As machines develop the ability to do things humans once did, as @EricTopol has described, medical professionals will be left to master the things only humans can do, like being present for their patients.

Biden officials rebuff appeals to surge Covid-19 vaccine to Michigan amid growing crisis

Amid an extreme spike in Covid-19 cases, experts say the Biden administration should surge additional vaccine doses to Michigan. So far, the White House hasn’t listened.