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Pharmalittle: Novavax sees delay in seeking emergency use of its Covid-19 shot; AstraZeneca CEO’s pay causes a stink

AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot is at the center of an extraordinary row among investors over his multi-million-dollar bonus.

Pharmalittle: Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine to generate $26 billion in 2021 sales; EMA reviews Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine

Pfizer now expects its Covid-19 vaccine to generate $26 billion in sales in 2021, up from an earlier forecast of $15 billion.

Gilead sues Russia over a compulsory license issued to a company making remdesivir

Amid worldwide clamoring for Covid-19 vaccines and other therapies, Gilead has filed a lawsuit against the Russian government for allowing a domestic company to manufacture and market remdesivir.

In Covid’s grip, India gasps for air: ‘If there is an apocalypse, this has to be one’

In India, ambulances are being crammed with the dead on their way to crematoria and burial grounds. Funeral pyres glowing 24/7 are a constant reminder of the staggering death toll. If there is an apocalypse, this has to be one.

Pharmalittle: What will Biden say about drug pricing? U.S. trade rep meets with drug makers over WTO proposal

This is the eve of a major speech by President Biden, but it’s anyone’s guess what he will say about drug pricing.

Pharmalittle: Europe looks to sue AstraZeneca over Covid-19 vaccine shortfalls; FDA skewers Emergent vaccine facility

The European Commission is getting ready to launch legal proceedings against Covid-19 vaccine producer AstraZeneca over complaints it failed to deliver pledged doses.

Pharmalittle: Pfizer identifies first counterfeit versions of its Covid-19 vaccine; top house Democrats investigate Emergent BioSolutions

Pfizer says it has identified in Mexico and Poland the first confirmed counterfeit versions of the Covid-19 vaccine it developed with BioNTech.

Pharmalittle: J&J denies design of its Covid-19 shot may explain blood clots; second trial against opioid makers begins

Scientists at J&J refuted an assertion that the design of its Covid-19 vaccine, which is similar to the AstraZeneca shot, may explain why both have been linked to very rare blood clots.

Pharmalittle: Pause for J&J Covid-19 shot to continue at least a week; Biden expands candidate list for FDA commish

The U.S. government pause on use of the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine is unlikely to be lifted for at least another week or 10 days.

Pharmalittle: U.S. urges states to pause J&J Covid-19 shots; PhRMA’s new message says ‘Don’t take us for granted’

U.S. authorities recommended that states stop using the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine while an investigation is conducted into six rare but serious cases of clotting problems in women.

Pharmalittle: Regeneron antibody reduced Covid-19 infection risk; variant first seen in South Africa can somewhat ‘break through’ Pfizer shot

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals said a Phase 3 clinical trial of its Covid-19 antibody showed it reduced the risk of symptomatic infections by 81%.

Clinical study reports hold more details about the side effects of cancer drugs

Researchers have urged regulators for years to release clinical study reports generated during clinical trials.

Pharmalittle: Lilly arthritis drug failed main goal in Covid-19 study; Serum Institute asks India for a big grant to make Covid shots

A rheumatoid arthritis drug from Eli Lilly and Incyte did not prevent progression to mechanical ventilation in a late-stage study in hospitalized Covid-19 patients.

Scientists work toward an elusive dream: a simple pill to treat Covid-19

The world has vaccines that can prevent most cases of Covid-19. It even has drugs that can help with the most serious symptoms. Now what it needs is a Tamiflu for SARS-CoV-2.

Thank private risk-taking, not public funding, for Covid-19 vaccines, therapies

The Covid-19 vaccines and therapies that are helping to end this pandemic are proof of the enormous power of private drug innovation.

Pharmalittle: 15 million doses of J&J Covid-19 vaccine ruined by ‘human error’; Bristol Myers fights U.S. over a $1.4 billion tax bill

Workers at a plant manufacturing two Covid-19 vaccines accidentally conflated the ingredients several weeks ago, contaminating up to 15 million doses of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine.

The U.S. government doesn’t have patent rights to Gilead’s remdesivir, despite investing millions in research

A new federal report concludes that the U.S. government doesn't have patent rights to the Gilead drug remdesivir, despite investing millions in research.

Pharmalittle: AstraZeneca revises Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness; contractors grab a big slice of vaccine revenues

Rejecting sharp criticism from U.S. government scientists, AstraZeneca said Wednesday night its vaccine was 76% effective at reducing the risk of symptomatic Covid-19.

Pharmalittle: Lilly fired manager who tracked employee production complaints; Denmark suspends AstraZeneca shot

Denmark is suspending for two weeks the use of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine after reports of blood clots in some vaccinated citizens, including one death.

CytoDyn has data on its highly touted experimental Covid treatment. Investors and patients don’t

The biotech company CytoDyn has data on its highly touted experimental treatment. But investors and patients don’t.

The hazards of medicine by tweet: the case of anti-cytokine therapy for Covid-19

During the pandemic, it has been necessary to convey results rapidly, before peer review and often even before a manuscript could be written: Time is of the essence. Yet medicine by tweet can be dangerous.

Gilead’s Galapagos deal falls apart, a black mark for CEO O’Day

The $5 billion deal that Gilead CEO Daniel O’Day presented as his signature move shortly after his arrival at the company two years ago has gone up in flames.

Community health centers can help stamp out Covid-19

Community health centers can serve as critical safety valves when acute care hospitals and emergency rooms are full with Covid-19 patients.

Pharmalittle: Russia’s Covid-19 vaccine appears effective; BioCryst stock is pursued by Reddit investors

BioCryst Pharmaceuticals surged 39% to a five-year high on Monday as Reddit investors declared a "BioWar" against short-sellers betting against the stock.

This academic published a manual for using a little-known federal law for lowering drug prices

NYU's Christopher Morten argues that a little-known federal law — which he says "bakes in a bargain between the government and patent holders" — could help bring down drug prices.

A gout drug shows promise for Covid-19, but skeptics worry about trusting science by press release

Outside experts said the data, provided by press release, were too limited to draw conclusions, though they hoped that colchicine, a generic medicine with manageable side effects, would prove to be beneficial for Covid-19.

The 10 Biden officials to watch on the Covid-19 response

Biden has tasked dozens of scientists, administrators, and policymakers with helping rein in the raging pandemic. Here are 10 to watch.

Are more people surviving Covid-19 because doctors are doing less?

Covid-19 has been a grim lesson in humility. We still have almost no ability to change the fate of patients with severe Covid-19 which, like many other viral infections, has turned into a graveyard for therapeutic interventions.

Pharmalittle: Pfizer to boost Covid-19 vaccine production; HHS overrules FDA on its top lawyer pick

HHS Secretary Alex Azar appointed a new top lawyer at the FDA yesterday, just hours after the agency had announced its own pick for the post.