Up and down the ladder: The latest comings and goings

From new hires to departures, promotions and transfers, here are the latest comings and goings in the pharmaceutical industry.

How patient records from one Boston hospital fueled an explosion in AI research in medicine

Patients’ de-identified medical records from one Boston hospital have become a crucial cog in a burgeoning field of artificial intelligence research.

‘Jumping genes’ could help CRISPR replace disease-causing DNA, study finds

A "jumping gene" might be harnessed to help CRISPR insert a string of healthy DNA in place of a disease-causing sequence.

Study highlights challenges in using artificial intelligence to personalize cancer treatment

A new study details the challenges of using natural language processing, a subtype of AI, to identify patients likely to respond to targeted cancer therapies.

Aim your baloney detector at the BS in health care

Health care has an acute BS problem. Just think of Theranos and IBM Watson. Thanks to social media, it can spread faster and farther than the truth.

Pharmalittle: Sanofi pledge to rebuild Notre Dame gets backlash; IBM halts AI product for drug development

Sanofi pledged about $11 million for rebuilding Notre Dame, but reaction has been mixed.

IBM halting sales of Watson AI tool for drug discovery amid sluggish growth

IBM is halting development and sales of its Watson artificial intelligence software to help pharmaceutical companies discover new treatments.

Paging Dr. Topol: Grasping the multidimensional narrative of ‘Deep Medicine’

The medical mind has limitations — a physician can know the signs of only a fraction of the 10,000 or so human diseases. Powerful tools like AI and machine learning can help transcend those limits.

Bristol-Myers Squibb turns to an AI startup to accelerate cancer research

Bristol-Myers Squibb, seeking to re-energize its cancer pipeline, is turning to an artificial intelligence startup, Concerto, to accelerate its clinical trials by using real-world data. $BMY

Peering inside life’s microworld: MIT’s 2019 image award winners

To honor advances in the visualization of biological processes, MIT's @kochinstitute sets up an annual exhibit in its lobby. Check out this year's selections:

A believer in biotech and big data: How Ned Sharpless vaulted to the top of the FDA

Almost immediately after taking over as the nation’s top cancer researcher, Ned Sharpless built a roughly 7-mile detour into his weekly routine: a sojourn to the FDA campus for a pickup basketball game.

UnitedHealth will require drug rebates to be paid to consumers

UnitedHealth Group will require employers that hire its OptumRx pharmacy benefit manager to pass rebates to individuals who take the medicines.

Ned Sharpless, director of the National Cancer Institute, to be named acting FDA commissioner

Sharpless, who led a pioneering cancer research team at the University of North Carolina for over a decade, has led NCI since October 2017.

Lab strips James Watson of final honorary roles after his continuing racist statements

In a recent documentary, Watson refused to take back statements widely regarded as racist.

IBM isn’t retreating from using Watson in health care, CEO Rometty says

CEO Ginni Rometty spoke little about health care during an hourlong talk at #CES19, but afterward insisted that “Watson Health is a very important part” of IBM’s business.

At glitzy Vegas tech show, chronic-disease gadgets to take center stage

As the Consumer Electronics Show kicks off, experts caution that the real-world results of digital health products have not caught up to the promises made in press releases. #CES19

‘I really don’t know what happened to Jim’: Friends ask where James Watson’s odious attitudes about race came from

Watson saw his double-helix discovery as proof of his view that intuition and opposing the establishment consensus are stronger guides to truth than empirical research.

Flu picks up & new James Watson documentary

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2018 in limericks: The highs and lows from the life sciences

What a year it's been in the life sciences: CRISPR babies and IPOs galore, high-priced CAR-Ts and gene therapies. We remember it all with the 2018 edition of our year in review in limericks.

We wish we’d written that: STAT staffers share their favorite stories of 2018

It's time for STAT's annual admission of jealousy: We share our favorite stories of 2018 — that we wish we would have written.

LISTEN: Watson’s latest stumble, a glimpse into the crystal ball, and revisiting Sarepta

What will become of biotech in 2019? What's the legacy of Sarepta Therapeutics? And how do you say "overhyped" in Mandarin?

In last-ditch move, lawmakers push to renew pandemic preparedness bill before end of year

The House passed a long-stalled public health bill Thursday, sending it to the Senate in a last-ditch attempt to get the law passed before the end of the year.

IBM Watson’s bet on China, a lucrative market for health business, starts to look shaky

EXCLUSIVE: Though IBM Watson is being used to treat #cancer patients in #China, the company is scrambling to respond to the same doubts that emerged about the technology in the U.S. and Europe.

Pharmalittle: AbbVie cancer program’s setback; Amazon hires a pharmacy expert

AbbVie halted enrollment for a late-stage trial of a Rova-T as a second-line therapy for advanced small-cell lung cancer after it demonstrated shorter overall survival than a control arm.

Artificial intelligence in pharma, health care: at the crossroads of hype and reality

Artificial intelligence is at the forefront of the minds of many pharmaceutical and health care executives. Is it hype, or the future?

Top cancer center’s business deals created a web of conflicts, say ethics experts

Partnerships with a New Jersey hospital and a data startup have created a web of interlocking financial interests and conflicts for a leading cancer center.

Another architect of IBM’s health care strategy leaves the company

As senior vice president of cognitive solutions at IBM, David Kenny had been responsible for developing products in health care and security. He will join Nielsen Holdings as CEO.

How an IBM Watson Health rescue mission collapsed — and a top executive was ousted

IBM couldn't get its Watson software to reliably understand and analyze language in patient medical records, a critical task for delivering on its contracts with hospitals and drug companies.

The march of science and biotech, told through the history of language

A Merriam-Webster tool offers a revealing lens through which to understand the history of science and biotech.

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