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E-book Library Detecting diseases earlier and treating them faster

Detecting diseases earlier and treating them faster

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When it comes to health care, timing is everything.

Whether it’s detecting a case of Covid-19 or the flu, or catching cancer in its earlier stages, the sooner doctors and patients know about a problem, the sooner they can act. And in many cases, intervening earlier gives patients a better shot at a speedier recovery.

It’s with that race against the clock in mind that health care companies are developing new ways to diagnose and treat health issues faster than ever before. In cancer research, synthetic biologists are trying to create their own cancer biomarkers to find signs of tumors before a cancer spreads. In the world of infectious diseases, researchers are mining real-world data to unravel the mysteries of conditions like Covid — and hopefully, uncover better ways to diagnose and treat the conditions.

The stories in this e-book highlight the most promising new advances in disease detection and treatment, and hint at where the science is headed next.

Publication date: October 2022

Print length: 64 pages

File size: 5 MB

File format: PDF

Language: English

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About the sponsor

About the sponsor

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