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E-book Library Using DNA to reveal the drivers of disease

Using DNA to reveal the drivers of disease

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We’re getting a clearer picture than ever before about how our genomes influence disease. 

Researchers have finally mapped the once-unmappable regions of the human genome to release the first fully completed version of a human genome. Researchers are working with families with rare conditions caused by genetic mutations to glean new insights into what drives disease, and what protects against it. 

At the same time, there has been significant progress in using DNA to not just understand disease, but also figure out the best way to treat it. Biotech and pharma companies are scrutinizing genetic mutations to find the most promising targets for new drug candidates. And clinicians are now regularly using DNA to more precisely tailor cancer treatments to a particular patient. 

What impact have these advances had? And what direction is the field headed next? These stories offer a look at what we’ve learned about the genome’s role in disease and drug development, and what’s still to come. 

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About the sponsor

About the sponsor

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