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Upcoming Events / Can We Share Health Data and Not Be Evil?
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Can We Share Health Data and Not Be Evil?




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Data sharing is essential to developing everything from medicines to artificial intelligence-based tools, but often ulterior commercial motives corrupt it. Is the point to help patients or target ads? How should we think about data brokers who build dossiers on hundreds of millions of Americans? We’ll explore how to create a data ecosystem that is both effective and ethical.


  • Lisa Bari, MBA, MPH chief executive officer, Civitas Networks for Health
  • Brian Martin, M.D. health and life sciences principal, The MITRE Corporation
  • William Yasnoff, M.D., PhD, FACMI adjunct professor, biomedical informatics and data science, Johns Hopkins University & managing partner, National Health Information Infrastructure
  • Casey Ross national technology correspondent, STAT (moderator)


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