13marMar. 13Accelerating Cancer Research by Partnering with Patients Hosted by: Harvard Medical School

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While survival rates from many cancers have been increasing over the past decade, we still lack effective therapies and cures for most cancers. Dr. Corrie Painter is leading the way in leveraging the power of the internet and our electronic interconnectedness to accelerate the pace of cancer treatment discoveries. The non-profit organization for which she is the Associate Director, Count Me In, partners directly with cancer patients to de-identify and publicly share data from their clinical and biological samples online. As a result, researchers from across the biomedical community can access this large, clinically-annotated genomics database with information from across a variety of different cancers to help accelerate treatment discoveries.

This webinar will explore how this is being done through the use of technology as well as the engagement of patients and other important players in the biomedical community, including physicians, scientists, researchers, and anyone who is able to contribute to using this data to make discoveries in cancer treatment and cures.


Mar. 13

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