21mayMay. 2124Inside the Health Care Ecosystem: Strategic Insights for Business LeadersHarvard Medical School Hosted by: Harvard Medical School

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Health care is being dramatically transformed by several converging forces including the accelerating growth of machine learning, genomics and precision medicine, digital technologies, changes in reimbursement, and a renewed focus on the patient at the center of care.

Regardless of your role or the specific focus of your organization, these revolutions impact the strategic challenges and opportunities that you face as you endeavor to create new value for the industry.

Led by Dr. Stanley Y. Shaw, MD, PhD, and other renowned Harvard Medical School faculty, “Inside the Health Care Ecosystem” provides business and science leaders with a deep dive into the health care ecosystem in the context of the business of health care. Through it, participants are exposed to real-world workflows and health care delivery in action, as well as the firsthand perspectives of patients and providers.

Previously only accessed by companies like Google, GE, Amgen, and athenahealth on a customized basis, this program is now open to individuals and small teams whose work impacts health care.


May 21-May 24


Harvard Medical School

641 Huntington Ave.

Boston, MA

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