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10feb3:00 pmThe role of innovation and technology in the fight against Covid: Lessons learned and future directionsVirtual Hosted by: Health Innovation Alliance

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Health Innovation Alliance

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Technology and innovation have played an essential role in the response to Covid-19. When Covid first hit, biopharmaceutical manufacturers stepped up to create products that would help stop the disease by developing tests, treatments, and vaccines. In addition to therapeutics, new innovative digital technologies have been developed to enhance the agility, scale, and responsiveness of the existing public health landscape. From virtual chatbots to mobile contact tracing tools and health passports, digital technologies continue to be vital to efforts to prevent and control outbreaks and to safely re-open society. As vaccines are being administered across the country, this panel discussion is an opportunity to reflect on how technology and innovation continue to shape the fight against Covid, both past and present.

Insights shared from the discussion will highlight key issues, challenges, and solutions that can help inform future technological developments and applications in the fight against Covid going forward.


Feb. 10, 3-4 p.m.