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E-book Library What’s next for mental health care’s technology transformation

What’s next for mental health care’s technology transformation

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Technology is changing the mental health care landscape.

Therapists are connecting with patients across the country over video chat. Chatbots are teaching people coping skills. Doctors can now prescribe apps to help treat serious conditions like opioid use disorder, or suggest patients play a video game to help manage their ADHD.

But new entrants poised to disrupt the industry face challenges, including skepticism from the traditional health care system. And there are still looming questions about how to best deliver care.

The stories in this e-book lay out the potential for technology to transform how mental health care is delivered and the myriad ways it is already making an impact. They also offer a clear-eyed look at the hurdles ahead.

Publication date: September 2022

Print length: 49 pages

File size: 6.5 MB

File format: PDF

Language: English

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About the sponsor

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