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How a billionaire couple greased the skids for Nancy Pelosi’s drug pricing bill

How John and Laura Arnold, the Texas billionaires on a drug pricing crusade, have become pharma’s “counterweight” in Washington (and pushed Nancy Pelosi’s drug pricing legislation toward the finish line).

Letting academic medical centers make CAR-T drugs would save billions

We took a fork in the CAR-T road a few years back and went the wrong way. It's time to let academic medical centers once again make these lifesaving treatments.

A new global initiative aims to use AI to improve public health in the developing world

A new effort, led by the Rockefeller Foundation, is aimed at delivering cutting-edge tech to parts of the world that have been slow to benefit from it — and improving public health in the process.

The Democrats shepherding Pelosi’s drug pricing bill have taken plenty of campaign cash from pharma

The fate of Nancy Pelosi’s drug pricing bill rests in the hands of lawmakers who’ve taken more campaign cash from drug makers than many other Democrats.

With ominous TV spots and a senior ‘strike force,’ AARP launches an all-out attack on pharma

AARP’s white-haired “strike force,” as the organization calls them, is on the offensive like never before.

Massachusetts lawmakers approve compromise bill to lower Medicaid drug spending

Bowing to industry pressure, Massachusetts lawmakers approved a compromise measure to lower prescription drug spending for its Medicaid program.

Will the Speaker’s office finally spill the beans on its drug pricing plan?

An insider's guide to the politics and policy of health care.

Patient group asks BIO to denounce Catalyst over the $375,000 price of its rare disease drug

The controversy over a pricey rare-disease drug has ensnared BIO, the trade group for biotech companies, which is being challenged to disavow “price gouging.”

An ambassador to the Vatican. A GOP megadonor. And now, a rare Republican joining Democrats to take on pharma

Francis Rooney, a Republican congressman from Florida, does not fit the mold of Capitol Hill pharma-bashers. Here’s why he’s bucking his party to work with Democrats on drug-pricing legislation anyway.

Watch: In a heated debate in Washington, key players spar over drug pricing policies

WATCH: At STAT's event in Washington this week, representatives for PhRMA, Patients for Affordable Drugs and major PBMs sparred over drug pricing policy ideas like tying U.S. prices to those paid in other countries.

A drug pricing duel: Tying U.S. drug prices to what other countries pay

The fiercest debate at our Washington event on drug pricing? Whether the U.S. should move forward with Trump’s idea to tie our prices to what other countries pay.

After successes at the ballot box, this drug pricing advocacy group is setting its sights on results

This new drug pricing advocacy group had a near-perfect night at the polls. Does that mean Congress has a mandate to tackle the issue?

Voters don’t like ‘Big Pharma.’ But they could soon elect a Senate that includes two pharma lobbyists and a CEO

Voters don’t like ‘Big Pharma,’ but Tuesday’s elections could install a Senate that includes a pharma CEO and two industry lobbyists

A PAC is using the midterms to spotlight high drug prices. Why is it sinking millions into unwinnable races?

A political action committee that’s singularly focused on high drug prices is shelling out millions in races that have already been decided. Here’s why.

What the last trade debate over drug prices can tell us about the new one

The biologics provisions in Trump’s new trade deal look a whole lot like the ones that caused an uproar during the TPP debate. But the rest of this fight may play out differently. Here’s why:

Senate bill to encourage generic drug development would yield $3.3 billion in savings

"It's going to make a dent for people who are paying for expensive drugs," said David Mitchell of Patients for Affordable Drugs.

A congresswoman from Silicon Valley wants to lead on health care. New attack ads say she’s ‘in the pocket of Big Pharma’

A group that's buying ads to try to elevate the issue of high drug prices in the midterm elections has identified its latest target: @RepAnnaEshoo, a Democratic congresswoman from Silicon Valley.

Drug pricing could be a slam-dunk campaign issue for Democrats — if only they had a plan

Top Democrats like Nancy Pelosi want their party to campaign on a promise to lower drug prices — but the party at large has not yet coalesced around a single, cohesive platform on pharmaceutical costs.

Pfizer CEO predicts that controversial rebates are ‘going away’

“Rebates are going away.”

Hugin comes under fire in New Jersey Senate campaign ad for hiking drug prices

The ad does not name a specific medicine, but appears to show a tablet of Revlimid, a cancer drug whose price Celgene raised to $600 per 10mg dose.

What Pfizer, Trump, and consumers got out of a surprising deal — and what they didn’t

The president got Pfizer to back down from its price hikes. Pfizer got the president to back off. And none of it might make much difference in what consumers pay for their drugs.

Drug pricing advocates take aim at Democrats for supporting pharma

Fifty congressional Democrats signed on to a letter advancing the pharmaceutical industry's talking points — and now a drug pricing advocacy group is calling them out.

As CAR-T treatments advance, Washington grapples with ideas for how to pay for them

The Trump administration is grappling with just how the federal government, through Medicare and Medicaid, will pay for some of the most promising new cancer therapies available.

Azar calls out a Celgene drug for price hikes that are hurting Medicare

Although Azar did not mention the drug, one Wall Street analyst connected the dots.

A contentious West Virginia Senate race pits two candidates with close ties to pharma

The GOP had gone after Sen. Manchin for his ties to Mylan, the company now infamous for its EpiPen price hikes, which is run by his daughter Heather Bresch. A primary win yesterday by Patrick Morrisey, the state's attorney general and former pharma lobbyist, might relieve some of the pressure.

With a new slate of appointees, Trump’s FTC expected to take tough stand on drug industry

They are little-known lawyers and professionals — and they are poised to play an outsized role in the federal effort to bring down high prescription drug prices.

A billionaire couple is pumping money into the drug pricing debate. Can they loosen pharma’s grip?

He was a whiz kid trader at Enron before its fall. He then ran his own hedge fund. Now, he and his wife are taking on drug prices.

Grassley, Leahy: It’s time to empower generic drug makers to bring down prices

Congress has a straightforward and fully bipartisan chance to actually do something to lower drug prices. It's time for action.