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In a provocative move, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has become the latest entrant in the escalating war over rising drug prices with a budget provision that would effectively cap prices and require drug makers to provide a raft of information about their costs.

The proposal marks yet another high-profile attempt to force the pharmaceutical industry to respond to the intensifying clamor over the cost of medicines. The issue has made its way into the presidential campaign and, next week, another in a series of congressional hearings on the topic is scheduled.


Under the proposal, which must be approved by the state legislature, the state health department would “develop a list of critical prescription drugs for which there is a significant public interest in ensuring rational pricing.” The department would then assess the value of the drugs in order to set a “ceiling price” and could require a minimum rebate to the state Medicaid program.

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  • What doesn’t anybody get ?? All we need to do is to govern the PBM’s ! That will solve all the high drug price problems. The PBM’s have NO laws governing what they do. Everything is a big secret in the PBM business. They say it’s ” Proprietary ” !!! What a joke !! So I guess I can robb and say well it proprietary and I don’t have to tell you how I’m doing it !!
    This is the reason why the Independent Pharmacy will be extinct very shortly.

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