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A dispute is raging between Anthem, one of the nation’s largest health plans, and Express Scripts, the largest pharmacy benefits manager, as the companies battle over billions in prescription drug costs. Specifically, Anthem contends Express Scripts, which manages prescription drug benefits for health plans, failed to pass along rebates negotiated with drug makers.

The battle, which is described in a lawsuit filed in federal court in New York Monday by the big insurer, first became widely known two months ago, when Anthem executives mentioned some of the details at the JP Morgan health care conference in San Francisco. But ever since, the clash has been drawing attention, because it comes as high drug prices are causing a growing outcry.


Pharmacy benefits managers, in particular, have become part of the controversy.

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  • antehm suing the express scripts, i have had dealings with express scripts and can tell why there is a lawsuit, if i had the money i would sue them to, there employees are crooks and are committing fraud against retired vets, and when an appeal was put in by me, they never acknowledged it, deny or approve, just claim i owe them, and no apologies were made for the rude treatment by the employees and management i dealt with, not 1 word. Do they know what patient abandonment is? when you say you are denying any meds to go out due to a non payment, that is so wrong, and to do this is patient abandeonment, further i was told by tehre management , that they can charge up to 150 USD without my knowledge and I have to pay it, this is fraud dammitt, then the snippy woman demanding payment and says “make a payment plan” how dare she,and then said ” if you do not pay the amount in question we will withhold all and any meds to you.” what the hell is going on with these crooks and who is really in charge? I cannot hang on a phone for hours on end and when i aksed for some one higher up in management to help me i was told they cannot give that information out. then they have made threats of turning me to a collection agency, I am a combat disabled VET , DIED N COME BACK TO LIFE DAMMITT AND DO NOT PAY FOR ANY MEDS AS 99% OF THEM ARE SUPPLIED BY THE VA AT NO COST AS THEY ARE FOR SERVICE CONNECTED TREATMENT. I am appalled at teh treatment and no service from these people, I would cancel there contract with the govt in a heartbeat and put an investigation as to how much these crooks are really screwing folks out of and making big profits on the backs of honest people. also the nasty woman who treated me so rude i would tell her ” YOUR FIRED”. I wish i knew who at that blasted company i could speak with to take care of an issue with out the hassles and rudeness.

  • Get rid of EXPRESS IDIOTS, I’ve never had issues with any company in the past that I can recall that has left me with such distaste in dealings!
    They deny,change meds for you,lose scripts faxed w/confirmation, lost script in mail(not there fault, but come on, its medication mail ups).
    Thats from 1 scripts dealings in one month time, hence the name IN my phone book EXPRESS IDIOTS

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