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Rise and shine, everyone, another busy day is on the way. Yes, it may be summertime, but the world is still spinning, which means there is much to do. Even our short people are busily engaged in productive activities. As for us, yes, we are motoring along with a cup of stimulation at our side. Perhaps you will do the same? Meanwhile, here are some items of interest. Hope you conquer the world today and, of course, keep in touch …

A UK high court judge ruled that there is nothing to stop England’s National Health Service from paying for the PrEP preventive HIV pill, Reuters reports. The decision is a victory for AIDS campaigners who have been calling for wider use, while the NHS argued it was not in a position to fund the medicine, which is called Truvada and made by Gilead Sciences, because PrEP was a preventative service and, therefore, the responsibility of local authorities.

The US Department of Agriculture fined Covance, the clinical research organization, $31,500 for various infractions that occurred in 2014 concerning monkeys that were housed for testing. The agency cited the LabCorp unit for allowing 11 monkeys to die from exposure to excessive heat, ordering monkeys to be transported by air and truck without rest or water, despite malfunctioning air conditioning, and failing to provide them with veterinary care. Animal-rights activists, which publicized the fine, were outraged.


India’s National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority slashed by up to 35 percent the prices of several essential medicines, including those to treat cancers and HIV infections, the Economic Times says. The NPPA also revised the ceiling prices of 23 medicines already included in the National List of Essential Medicines. Patients using these drugs should see a drop of anywhere between 10 percent to 35 percent in prices.

Pfizer agreed to buy Bamboo Therapeutics, which develops gene therapies, for $150 million and potential milestone payments, according to Bloomberg News.


Biogen plans to seek US regulatory approval by the end of the year for an experimental drug to treat spinal muscular atrophy in infants, the Boston Globe tells us.

Keryx Pharmaceutical stock dived after disclosing production issues would interrupt the supply of its only drug, which helps treats people with chronic kidney disease, the Wall Street Journal writes.

European regulators have agreed to review Regeneron and Sanofi’s application to market the biologic sarilumab as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, PharmaTimes reports.

A review of the concept of “similar medicinal products” in the context of orphan legislation is planned by the European Commission to revamp its regulatory framework and ensure timely access to drug products, Regulatory Focus says.

The World Health Organization warned China about 10 million people with hepatitis will die “mostly avoidable deaths” by 2030 unless Beijing takes ­“urgent action” to improve access to treatment, the South China Morning Post writes.

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