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If you ask a life sciences chief executive to gaze into a crystal ball, he or she will tell you there is good reason to be optimistic about the future. Or so a new survey would have us believe.

All 38 executives who participated in the survey reported that they are confident about what lies ahead; 79 percent are convinced their products will remain relevant for the next few years; and 97 percent are certain that they are staying on top of coming trends.


What might explain such a bullish view of the world? Well, chief executives, “by their very nature, tend to be optimistic people and the industry is coming to terms with its challenges,” said Alison Little of the KPMG consulting firm, which conducted the survey last April and released it on Tuesday.

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  • Market share would not be a concern if drug companies hadn’t ushered in a new wave of me too drugs. For example in the past ten years about 30 new diabetes drugs have come online that fall into only a handful of classes, and with most having little to differentiate (except on price) with respect to efficacy, while raising new safety concerns.
    And to my pharma Komrades: Better work on those retirement savings. When the big boss predicts 2% top line growth the man scheduling your exit interview will soon be rounding the corner.

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