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File this under “Another day, another lawmaker is leaning on Mylan Laboratories.”

The US senators who head the Special Committee on Aging are the latest politicians to demand the company explain the pricing behind its EpiPen injector for allergic reactions. And not only does the committee want Mylan to provide information reviewed by its board of directors, the committee also asked the drug maker to schedule a face-to-face briefing over the next two weeks.

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  • Smoking Gun ???? I was talkin last night to my cousin told me this and I have found to be right on the money It turns out that Mylan Exec. Heather Bresch is the daughter of West VirginiaDemocratic Senator Joe Manchin. Didn’t Congress recently pass a law requiring Epipen’s in ALL Schools ?? I wonder how much Senator Joe Manchin had to do with it’s passage before the this bill to see if the DNC is funding Senator’s campaign. Mylar stands to make additional Millions as a result of this law plus they want to move their corporate headquarters ??? I believe that these allegations should Investigated thoroughly !!!

  • The inquisition will be loaded with softballers like Collins in order to avoid a male dominated high tech lynching of Bresch. She’s just a smart business person and in fact her latest pitch could make a ton of money while lowering prices for John Q Public. She has petitioned the FAA to require all domestic flights to carry two Epipens on each flight. That’s 87,500 flights/day which computes to over $100 million/day to the airlines alone. Guess we won’t be seeing the peanuts anytime soon.
    If a pharma CEO gets hauled into Congress every time this happens nothing else would get done. Please, we need daddy Manchin to have his time free to deal with the hillbilly heroin epidemic in his back yard.

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