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Legislation intended to derail an Obama administration proposal for overhauling Medicare Part B would cost $395 million over 10 years, according to a new estimate by the Congressional Budget Office.

The analysis, which was released on Tuesday, suggested the actual cost could reach $1.1 billion, but that the difference would likely be offset by other projects that could later be implemented to reduce federal spending on prescription medicines.


The analysis, which was issued in advance of a final rule on the proposal by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, comes amid ongoing debate over the proposal.

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  • This article exhibits a typical twisted media presentation of Medicare facts:

    1. The Obama administration proposes a so-called “test” but the “test” involves putting millions of cancer, macular degeneration and other patients at risk, 75% of the people on Medicare (potentially because not all have diseases that can be treated by a Part-B-covered drug-based medical service)
    2. It’s a “test.” No one knows if the idea will even work but the Obama administration policy of hoping people die at 75 puts millions at risk
    3. Instead of presenting the actual fact (which is that a reasonably successful true test — e.g., implement the policy on 10% of the population and find that it does not harm patients nor drive them into more expensive service settings — will only save one 100th of 1% of annual Medicare spending)
    4. the media headlines 10 year cost estimates and claims this is a partisan issue (when politicians from both sides oppose the so-called “test”)

    • Hi Dennis,
      Thanks for your note and sorry you feel this was skewed. However, my piece is not an op-ed and so I reported the situation as it currently stands, while noting there is opposition from Republicans and only equivocal support from Democrats. And whether we like the design or the motive, it is a test.

  • Billions for aid to the Middle East,, trillions for wars in the Middle East,,,, Medicare should be should be FREE to all our senior citizens ,,, you can bet those low life politicians get health care for free,,,THROUGH THEM BUMS OUT !!!!!

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