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Hello, everyone, and nice to see you again after an extended weekend. Of course, playing catch-up is now a challenge, so we are fortifying ourselves for the big scramble with several cups of stimulation — our flavor, once again, is Pumpkin Spice, for those keeping track. As always, here are some items of interest as we motor along. We would like to note that we will be off tomorrow for a day of reflection. Meanwhile, we hope all goes well in your world …

Pediatricians in Texas say there is a dramatic rise in parents asking about making do-it-yourself EpiPens as a way of saving money, according to Doctors say families are asking them to create a do-it-yourself EpiPens for them, which pediatricians generally won’t do for liability reasons. And they warn a big risk in doing it yourself is getting the dose of epinephrine wrong, because too much of the drug could cause cardiac arrest in a child.


The prices for insulin are rising, but drug makers, including Eli Lilly, Sanofi, and Novo Nordisk, are collecting about the same or less revenue than they did several years ago, the Wall Street Journal writes. The prices, which have more than doubled since 2011, reflect the growing role of middlemen known as pharmacy benefit managers who negotiate rebates and fees based on list prices.

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  • It stands to reason that if you can learn to build a thermonuclear device over the internet you should be able to figure out how to procure an epinephrine delivery system. Disclaimer, this is NOT dispensing medical advice and prescriptions will be required.

    STEP 1: obtain epinephrine. There is a link to a commercial website below that sells epinephrine ampules in the required dilution pretty inexpensively, good for multiple doses.

    STEP 2. Consult your physician as to the appropriate syringe and gauge needles to buy for an IM injection.

    STEP 3. Procure materials in above steps. Fill syringes with doses needed and follow storage requirements, which may require refrigeration.

    STEP 4: be cognizant of the expiration date.

    STEP 5. Don’t leave home without it.

    Syringes, needles and epinephrine much cheaper than Epipen. There is also no guarantee that the doctor will buy into the plan for fear of liability since the Rx’s will bear his or her signature.

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