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The controversial EpiPen device is about to get still more competition.

A company that now has the rights to a rival product plans to start marketing its allergic-reaction device in the first half of 2017. However, Kaleo Pharma declined to disclose the pricing for its Auvi-Q, which had previously been sold by Sanofi before being withdrawn late last year over reports that the device delivered inaccurate doses.


“We’re focusing on returning Auvi-Q to the market as an alternative product that all patients can afford,” Kaleo chief executive Spencer Williamson told us. “… We understand that price is central to this conversation. … I can assure you that at the end of the day, after we work with all the stakeholders, patients will have a low out-of-pocket cost.”

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  • While competition is always good news for the consumer, it is said, there is a troubling phrase here: ‘patients will have a low out-of-pocket cost.” That reminds one of the last Pharmalot View – decrying Mylan for their tactic to make EpiPen effectively free to the consumer, while potentially soaking the taxpayer. Time will tell. Do I hear $295?

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