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Seeking to defuse a nasty row, Pfizer has lowered the price of its pneumococcal vaccine to non-governmental organizations that supply poor countries.

The company will sell the newest version of its Prevnar 13 vaccine for $3.10 a dose, which means the three-dose treatment to vaccinate a child will cost $9.30. This is the same price that Gavi, an international public-private partnership, has paid since last year. Gavi acts as a bridge between drug makers and philanthropic groups in negotiating supplies for 57 poor and developing countries.


Until now, though, Pfizer had not made the same offer to non-governmental organizations or civil society groups. And the price drop comes after a protracted dispute with Doctors Without Borders, in particular. The nonprofit has repeatedly criticized Pfizer for failing to lower its price and make it more widely available to humanitarian organizations that work in poor and developing countries.

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